May 2023 Theme – The Blessing of Dominion

May 2023 Theme – The Blessing of Dominion

Blessing in this context will mean, a special favour, mercy, or benefit. It is the favour and goodness of God upon a person or people. Dominion in this context will mean, sovereignty, control, supremacy, superiority, supreme authority, pre-dominance, hegemony, ascendancy, etc.

The Almighty God is the Most Sovereign (Jere. 32:17). He reigns in heaven and on the earth. He is the Creator of everything seen and unseen (Col. 1:16). He made His throne in heaven and uses the earth as His footstool (Isa. 66:1; Mt. 5:34-35).

When God created Man, His intention was that Man should exercise His will on earth. So, God blessed Man, and granted him the authority of dominion over all the other creatures on the earth (Gen. 1: 28). Man’s supremacy was to be exercised over everything that moves upon the earth; everything that moves in the sky; and everything that moves in the waters (Gen. 1: 28).

Man enjoyed this dominion for a while but later lost it to Satan by disobeying the instructions of God given to them. God however did not let the matter to end like that, He made an initial sacrifice for the sin of Man (Gen. 3: 21), having made a promise of a perfect and permanent atonement for the sin of Man, which was to be done in the future (Gen. 3:15).

At the fullness of time, Jesus Christ was born as the ‘Seed of the Woman’ to perform the atonement rites for the sin of Man (Rom. 3:22-26). Such that whosoever believes in this work of redemption would again be granted the blessing of dominion initiated at the inception of the creation of the earth by God (Eph. 2:4-6).

The implication of this confession of belief in Jesus Christ as the Saviour and Lord is that such adherents will now have supremacy over everything that moves on the earth (natural or supernatural); over everything that moves in the air (natural and supernatural); and over everything that moves in the waters (natural and supernatural). As believers, we are to be in control of all of them, and not to be afraid of any nor be controlled by any of them (Luke 11:19-20; Mk. 16:16-18).

As we commence the fifth month of this year, what Jehovah impressed upon my spirit is that He has granted us the blessing of dominion. We have been granted supremacy, control and superiority over all things that move on Earth, in the air, and in the waters (both natural entities and supernatural entities). None of such entities will make us afraid nor fearful, instead, we shall exercise authority and supreme control over them. May the zeal of the Lord of Hosts back us up in Jesus mighty name.