RCCG EFA Leeds Prophecy for 2018: Our Year of Apostolic Grace And Power

The Holy Spirit says, since this is our 12th year, it will be our year to experience Apostolic Grace and Power. The term “Apostolic” means, “Something that is pertaining to either an apostle or the apostles of Christ: their time, their faith, their peculiar spirit, their practice, etc. So that in 2018 onwards, we shall witness things that are related to and pertaining to the acts of the apostles.

The apostles of Christ enjoyed tremendous grace and power. They were given great power to witness the resurrection of Jesus; great grace was also upon them all.

Things they couldn’t do before were made possible when they received the power of the Holy Ghost.

People that were timid and fearful became bold and courageous.

People that were stark illiterate were able to articulate and construct great sermons that brought thousands of sinners to salvation.

People that could not pray for an hour and could not fast at all were able to pray and fast for days unending.

People who used to quarrel about superiority became equal and knitted together.

People who used to perform miracles only at the errand of Jesus could then perform signs, wonders and miracles at will: they drove out demons, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, and raised the dead. Some even healed in absentia and unintentionally (Acts 5:15-16; 19:11-12).

Only eleven usual and normal people were able to make a great impact, not only in Jerusalem; but also in the whole of Judea; in Samaria and the Asia Minor.

Therefore, from this year onwards, God says His grace and power upon us shall increase from the levels of followers and disciples to the rating of apostles. Such that we shall begin to experience:

Power to perform signs, wonders and miracles such as we haven’t seen before;

Grace to proclaim Christ before multitudes;

Grace to spend sufficient time in prayers and fasting;

Grace to decree things and they shall be established;

Grace to preach the gospel with boldness and with no compromise;

Grace to declare the gospel before rulers and leaders of the people;

Grace for one accord and to dine with singleness of heart;

Grace for wisdom and tongue that cannot be resisted or matched by men;

Grace for supernatural provision to enjoy and to do God’s work;

Grace to cause a stir of joy and excitement in Leeds and beyond;

Grace to win more souls for God;

Grace to receive direct and uninterrupted revelations from Heaven; etc.

All these and much more shall be ours in this year 2018 in Jesus name. Amen!


2017 – Our Year of Unimaginable Progress

2017 – Our Year of Unimaginable Progress

Unimaginable can be defined as something that is difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend. Something that is unthinkable, inconceivable, unbelievable, unlikely, impossible, breath-taking, mind blowing or unthought-of of. Progress on the other hand is a movement towards a goal or to a further or higher stage. It is a forward or onward movement towards an intended destination.

Generally in life, we all progress from one level to another once we commit time and effort to a course or cause. However, there are certain progresses that are just extraordinary, so that no one can think they will ever happen.

For example, in the Army, after graduating from the Royal Military Academy, the cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenant. Those that combine dedication and intelligent, with a bit of luck will be promoted about every 3 years. So that after about 10 years in service, they would have progressed to the rank of Major. It will be unimaginable for a cadet after graduation to become a Major in less than 5 years.

The bible talks about Daniel, how he was promoted in an unimaginable way. He was a slave in exile who was privileged to enjoy great opportunity. He was chosen among the exiled young Jews who were to learn the Babylonian culture in order to minister as officers in the palace. However, God distinguished Daniel greatly, not only was he the best in secular knowledge, but also in supernatural things (Dan. 2:47).

Daniel was promoted very rapidly in Babylon to a shocking level (Dan. 2:48). He was made the ruler over the entire Provinces of Babylon, and placed above all the advisers of the king. At his recommendation, officers were elevated and demoted (Dan. 2:49). It was an unthinkable progress.

Jehovah says the year 2017 will be our year of Unimaginable progress.

– He said, as 10 is the first number that has an added figure, though He has made us to progress before, yet in this year, He will add to our progress greatly.

– He said, as the gears are for speed in vehicles, He will move us to a higher gear and by so doing increase our speed.

– He said, He is working out something with us that will be difficult to imagine or comprehend.

– He said, this year He is determined to blow our mind away with progress that is unthought-of of.

– He said by the end of 2017, He will amaze us with the extent of grounds we would have covered.

– He said, as kings and queens came to Solomon to ask him one question – How? He will ensure that the same question will be asked from us this year onwards.

– He said this year 2017 in many ways will be very distinct sort of worldwide, but for us it will be distinct for good.

– He said, He will sort us out all round. Areas where we are now lacking will be made up. He however said there are areas we will need to Repair; Reignite and Restart. He will then ensure that our fire will burn brightly and our flame will glow surprisingly.


RCCG 2016 PROPHECY, By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

RCCG 2016 PROPHECY, By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

1 Some families will trace the beginning of their generational blessings to this year.
2. Some will receive help from unexpected sources.
3. Grateful hearts will have more causes to be grateful
4. For many, the pendulum of life will generally be on the upward swing
5. A chosen few will receive blessings so large they can hardly contain them

1. Things are likely to get tougher, before they get better, but things will definitely get better before the year ends.
2. What He started last year, He will finish this year, provided we don’t rejoice too soon.

1. Natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, are likely to get progressively worse, until governments realize that these are part of divine judgement against those who have passed unholy laws. If governments will repent of disdaining Christ and His church, He will help them win the fight against terrorism.
2. A major war will be averted this year
3. A new sexually transmitted diseases will surface.

By Pastor E.A Adeboye, RCCG General Overseer


RCCG EFA Leeds 2016 Prophecy – Our Year of The Annunciation

RCCG EFA Leeds 2016 Prophecy – Our Year of The Annunciation

Many times God makes promises years before He intends for them to happen. For example, Jesus coming was promised by God as far back as the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:15) and subsequently by the Prophets (Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7; Micah 5:2; etc.). The annunciation proper was later made to Mary by Angel Gabriel when God was ready to fulfil His plan (Lk. 1:26-38).

As we concluded 2015, God began to tell me what He will do for us in 2016. Some of the things He said:

  • I have told you before that you will be a City that cannot be hidden; I will begin to fulfil this promise to you from 2016.

  • Your light shall no longer be hidden anymore.

  • This will be your year of exclamations of wonders that will be very audible and well perceived.

  • Your name shall begin to ring pleasing bells where it matters from now on.

  • You have been doing your assignment quietly, but I will noise your fame abroad from this year.

  • As nine symbolizes finality of numbers, my final comment to you at this stage is that I am pleased with you.

  • You have been weighed and found just. In tough and easy times, you have stood firm. Therefore, I will open the doors of the world to you.

  • You have passed the test of faithfulness after nine years of steadfastness. Now it’s your time to be revealed and shown forth.

  • The Angel of my presence will introduce you to people you will never have been able to speak to.

I am particularly expectant for what God has in store for us in 2016, I am very persuaded that it shall be our most successful and impactful year yet in our history as a group.