January 2024 Theme – Divinely Assisted Reassembling

January 2024 Theme – Divinely Assisted Reassembling

Reassemble can be defined as “To come or bring together again. To fit or join something together, in a single place. To make something again by joining its separate parts together. To become reorganised or restructured in order to make a fresh start”. Etc.

In Micah 4:1-13, Prophet Micah prophesied that a time will come in the future when God will reassemble the nation of Israel, the city of Jerusalem and the temple of God. A time when this region will become the central focus of the whole world.

It will be a time when all people would want to go to Jerusalem to be taught the word and the ways of God. A time when the laws and decrees governing the lands will come out of Zion. A time of absolute peace and total security. A time of plenty and abundance. A time when the glory of Jerusalem and the people of God will be very glaring.

In Isaiah 43:4-7, in the same vein, God used Prophet Isaiah to deliver His promise of redemption and reassembling to the nation of Israel. God promised them that because they were precious in His sight, honourable and loved by Him, He will give men in exchange for them, and people for their lives.
He also said that they are not to be afraid for He will be with them. He will gather and reassemble their ‘seeds’ from the east, west, north and south; so that they can fulfil His glory.

Commencing from this month of January, the promise of God to us as a church is that of reassembling. The Lord God will gather our ‘seeds’ together from the four corners of the earth (east, west, north and south). He will bring us together to fulfil His glory.

He said that because we are precious to Him, honourable and loved by Him, He said He will protect us in a jealous manner, and that we must not be afraid as He will always be with us.

God promise is that He will make us a focal point to the world around us. We are therefore entering a season of regathering, a season of plenty and abundance, a season of serenity. It will also be a season of sifting ‘the chaff’ from ‘the wheat’. A season of our beauty revealed and glory displayed.

May the zeal of the God of Jacob fulfil these in our lives and our midst in Jesus’ mighty name.