Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Food is an essential ingredient to human life. It is from food that we derive physical strength. Many sicknesses and diseases could be avoided by eating the right kind of food. Also, if one is sick, been able to eat is a sign that the person will soon be well. As a matter of fact, after Jesus had fasted for forty days and forty nights, the first temptation he had was regarding food. Food is therefore very vital for existence!

One of the lessons I learnt from Israel was that they eat regularly and drink regularly because of the arid condition of the region. The hot climate induces evaporation by sweating, as well as rapid utilisation of calories through labour. May God feed you adequately in Jesus name.

In I Kings 19:1-8, after Elijah had just displayed the power of God by calling down fire from heaven. He also killed 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah. When Jezebel was told what had happened, she sent a messenger to Elijah that he too will be dead in less than 24 hours.

Could it be that God had just used you to proclaim His power for victory and certain principalities are calling for your life? They have failed in Jesus name. The problem Elijah had was that he considered the threat of Jezebel. He actually gave it a thought. He could then see that Jezebel meant what she said.

Just like Eve gave thought to what the serpent said and saw that the forbidden fruit was good to the eyes and also a fruit to be desired for wisdom.

Elijah did not consider the opinion of God, so he arose and ran for his life. He went as far as Beersheba the southernmost city, left his servant there and still began to walk for another day into the desert. He later became exhausted. At this point, he gave up on life and living. Both master and servant became weary in running, master became fainting in walking. That will not be your portion in life in Jesus name.

Elijah told God that his life on earth is enough, when God has not said so. He actually said, his father’s life was better than his own! Sometimes, we dwell on our situation in life and utter things that are not obtainable. No one knows Elijah’s dad. If his father was that important, someone would have told us.

Also, Elijah that was prepared to die didn’t know that he still had a great destiny ahead of him. He is about the second oldest person on that has ever lived on earth. Over 3,500 years old! He is already in paradise and yet to die! Will he ever have been fearful if he knew this?

You will not die shamefully. Witches and wizards will not dictate the longevity of your life. The Jezebels of this world will not terminate your life and destiny in Jesus name.

As Elijah laid awaiting death, an angel of God woke him up and asked him to arise and eat. God gave him hot cake and water in the desert. May the Almighty God feed you with manna from Heaven. May God refreshes your soul with His living springs.

Someone is here, you think you have reach the end of road. Jehovah says, arise and eat, for you still have a great journey to make. You have not reached your destination yet. Where you are is a bus stop. And you are not alighting yet. God is not ready to lose your fellowship. He is not finished with you. I had a similar encounter about 20 years ago. I suffered a strange and terrible sickness. All my systems went wrong. Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, everything was wrong.

It began in March 1993, by April I had a heart attack with a brief out of body experience. It was the calling of Jesus’s name that brought me back. I made a total consecration of my life to God by May, and not able to bear the pain anymore, by June, I asked God to take me home. Surprisingly, it was then I started getting better! I arose, eat as I have never done for months! 20 years on, I still feel great! From all indications, by the grace of God, the journey is still far for me. You still have a great journey ahead of you in Jesus name.

Why would a man of God like Elijah run away from threat? I perceived that he thought he had lost so much power on mount Carmel, so he needed to get to mount Horeb to refill. Unfortunately, he fainted before he could get to his desired presence of God.

Is anyone here seeking where to run in order to meet with God? You think you are empty and need a refill? I’m happy to announce to you that God is here! This is Mount Zion, Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai. Here, there shall be deliverance and holiness, as well as power to possess your possessions. Receive your deliverance now in Jesus name.

Again, the angel of God came the second time and fed him again for the journey ahead.

May God feed you with double grace, double power and double might in Jesus name. May the manna you eat today take you through the journey of your lifetime in Jesus name. May today’s supernatural meal sustain you to the Marriage a Supper of the Lamb in Jesus name.

In Mark 6:32-44, Jesus and His disciples sneaked to a deserted place to rest. The people however found them and Jesus had to teach them till evening. By this time, the people need food to have strength to travel back home. Jesus had to feed them physical food supernaturally.

If you are here and you need physical supplies, may God enrich you supernaturally. Have you got a little of a certain resource left? Are you convinced that there is no way out? May God multiply the resource in your hands. May you have excess left afterwards.

I’ve told some of you before that I entered into United Kingdom with £50! That was 1999, up till now, the £50 has not finished! May your flour never finished. Your cruise of oil will never be empty in Jesus name.

In I Sam 30:1-15, the Amalekites raiders destroyed Ziklag. They took David and his men’s family away. At the command of God, they began to chase their enemies. However, a very important vessel God used was an Egyptian who was among the raiders, but was sick and weak to continue the journey, so was left to die.

After eating cake, raisin and having drank water, the Egyptian became revived and led David’s men in the way.

How long have you been weak? Do you feel sickly? May God feed you with special ‘cakes and raisins’ in Jesus name. May God revive your spirit.

Have people or friends left you helpless? Could be you are weak somehow and they abandoned you because of your vulnerability. Never mind, they will be shocked when they see you next. The Amalekites would have been shocked when they saw the Egyptian with David. God is on your side.

In Judges 15:14-19, Samson had just had a fight with the Philistines and killed 1,000 of them. He then became very thirsty. If the thirst continued, he would have become a prey to his enemies. So, God brought water for him out of the hollow of a bone he fought with! He drank and regained his spirit.

Have you just come out of a big ‘war’? You escaped a battle and you seem exhausted, tired or fainting. The Living Water is renewing your strength now in Jesus name.


Almighty Father, renew my strength and vigour in life.

Almighty Father, as in life running, let me not be wearied. In life walking, let me not faint.

Almighty Father, let Your renewal come upon every resource I’ve exhausted.

Almighty Father, renew our strength and power as a church.

Sermon delivered on September 29th, 2013