RCCG Everlasting Father’s Assembly Leeds End of Year 2018 Fasting Prayers

RCCG Everlasting Father’s Assembly Leeds End of Year 2018 Fasting Prayers

DAY 1 – 25/12/18
1. Father, do not allow anything bad to happen to Everlasting Father’s Assembly now and in the future;
2. Father, silence any natural or supernatural force that might want to tamper with Everlasting Father’s Assembly’s destiny;
3. Father, personally order the course of events in our Parish;
4. Father, let Your glory be made manifest in our lives and in our midst;
5. Father, remake whatever might have been wrongly programmed in us into something amazing;
6. Father, remake; remould and reshape our Assembly into a surprising destiny in Jesus name.
7. Father, grant us the drawing in of catches of ‘fishes’ in the coming year in Jesus name.
8. Father, grant us the pulling in of a large catch of souls, riches and other resources in the coming year.
9. Father, help us to make necessary preparations for the great draught that is coming.
10. Father, in our career, vocation, studies, ministry, etc., let us enjoy great draught.
11. Father, help us to sustain the required force and momentum to advance further.

DAY 2 – 26/12/18
1. Father, compensate us with great harvest for all the years we have toiled.
2. Father, let your blessings on us be overwhelming in the coming year.
3. Father, increase our capacity to receive the blessings meant for us next year.
4. Father, please grant us all that it takes to accomplish the task you’ve given us;
5. Father, please satisfy our needs early in the coming year.
5. Father, let Your power renew our strength.
7. Father, please render Your uninterrupted assistance to us;
8. Father, let Your Spirit cooperate effectively with us;
9. Father, aid and assist us individually and collectively;
10. Father, supernaturally erect our lives, homes and the church to withstand the ‘winds’, ‘floods’ and ‘fires’ of life.
12. O God! You are the Helper of the helpless, come to our rescue in Jesus name.

DAY 3 – 27/12/18
1. Father, please do not allow our expectations in You to be cut off or denied;
2. Father, do not allow any of the promises You have made to us to go unfulfilled;
3. Father, regardless of whatever comes our way, help us to hold unto Your word.
4. As a child looks unto the hands of his father and mother, so are our eyes on You. Let us not be put to shame.
5. Father, grant unto us more than we have thought about or imagined.
6. Father, enable us to do more than Jesus did when He was on Earth as a Son of Man.
7. Father, turn us into extraordinary vessels in Your hands.
8. Father, let Your words be assured in our lives;
9. Father, help us to develop towards a more advanced and better state.
10. Father, do not allow the Law of diminishing returns to work upon us.
11. Father, please do not allow our strength to reduce or wane.

DAY 4 – 28/12/18
1. Father, let the promises You have spoken into our lives come to pass;
2. Father, show us tokens & signs to help us hold unto Your word;
3. Father, do not allow any jot of Your word regarding us return to You unfulfilled;
4. Father, let there be a performance of that which You have said to us;
5. Father, let all pending promises in our lives from You become real;
6. Father, let our case and matters come up to You for immediate action in Jesus name.
7. Father, help us to tarry where You have told us to await Your promise;
8. Father, endue us with special gifts from You;
9. Father, grant us the power from on high for the unimaginable;
10. Father, help us to avoid all distractions aimed at not letting us fulfil our collective and individual destiny.
11. Father, silence all factors that are trying to hinder our progress.

DAY 5 – 29/12/18
1. Father, grant us special powers for the greater assignment that lies ahead of us;
2. Father, help us to adequately execute our Divine assignment;
3. Father, let all our deeds and efforts be commended by You.
4. Father, let my salvation be vivid to all.
5. Father, do not allow the redemption work of Jesus on my life to be in vain.
6. Father, let the resurrection of Jesus be vivid on my destiny.
7. Father, let the common salvation we have received unite us beyond all attacks.
8. Father, help us to contend for the faith as demonstrated by the saints of old.
9. Father, guard our faith and assembly against ungodly men and women.
10. Father, help me not to deny the faith because of anything at all.
11. Father, regardless of every plan and action of my enemies, let me continue to make forward movements.

DAY 6 – 30/12/18
1. Father, demonstrate Your special love and grace towards our Assembly;
2. Father, pardon all our personal and ministry errors by Your special grace;
3. Father, elevate us beyond our pedigree;
4. Father, do not let Your love upon us to ever run out;
5. Father, help us to love You more, and to love one another the more;
6. Father, do not allow Your love through the coming of Jesus to be in vain in our lives.
7. Father, do not abandon us just like You never abandon Your servant David.
8. Father, please introduce new elements of quality into Everlasting Father’s Assembly;
9. Father let there be an infusion of new strength, power and abilities upon us;
10. Father, let Your primary intentions for our lives be established by You in Jesus name.
11. Father, help me to engage in heroic exploits that will bring glory and honour to you.

DAY 7 – 31/12/18
1. Father, pardon us for the powers you have given us and we have not used;
2. Father, please replenish the powers that we have expended;
3. Father, let boldness to declare Your word, healing, signs and wonders become common among us;
4. Father, let our strength of each day be greater than that of the yesterday.
5. Father, make Everlasting Father’s Assembly to be held in greater esteem and respect within the city of Leeds and beyond;
6. Father, set in motion a Divine process whereby we become magnified in the sight of all;
7. Father, we do not put our trust of enlargement in other sources, but we rely solely on You, let us not be discouraged.
8. Father, we are the works of Your hands, magnify us in the sight of all.
9. Father, demonstrate to everyone that we are a magnified race of You;
10. Father, let Your magnifying ‘glass’ be the focus on us perpetually;
12. Father, let Your magnification upon our lives be for a lifetime in Jesus name.