April 2024 Theme – Divinely Assisted Repositioning

April 2024 Theme – Divinely Assisted Repositioning

Reposition can be defined as, “To change the position of. To return to or place in a normal or proper position. To move something to a different place or new position. To shift something or someone. It can also be to change the way people think of something, usually so that more people will like it, buy it, or support it”.

Nothing in life seems to be constant. Things are always changing and evolving. Only God is constant. God created the world to be so, such that time and seasons do come and they go.

Our earth rotates on its axis, and it revolves around its orbit. This gives birth to our days and nights, and our seasons. Again, these are things that God has set in place, and they alter not (Gen. 8:22; Job 26:7).

God has also made the world in such a way that all living organisms are prone to existential repositioning. There is a time all organisms to be born, a time to grow and reproduce, and then a time to die (Eccl. 3:1-8).

Within the time given to Man to live as an organism, there are possibilities and avenues for further repositioning. This can however be positive or negative in nature (Dan. 6:1-3; Dan. 4:28-37).

While a child of God can seldom experience trials, persecutions or attacks which could result in temporal negative repositioning, the will of God for His children is that of continuous positive repositioning (Prov. 4:18-19).

If a believer is able to persevere and fight off such negative experiences, God will again reposition him/her in an upward progression, better than where he/she had been before (Job 1:1-2; 42: 12-13).

In I Sam. 1:1-20, the bible tells us that Elkanah had two wives, with the possibility of Hannah being the first of the two. The bible says that Hannah was barren, and Penninah had children. Despite Hannah’s challenge of barrenness, Penninah was always provoking her to tears. Hannah always felt very low and downcast year after year.

One day, Hannah experienced Divine assistance for repositioning. Eli, the High Priest put a seal on her request and vow. That year she became pregnant, and she was later blessed with six children, the first of which became the next High Priest in Israel – Samuel.

Hannah was so joyous that she sang a song of praise to God who repositioned her from barrenness to fruitfulness, from weeping to laughter (I Sam. 2:1-10).

As we approach the fourth month of this year, the promise of God is that He will grant us assistance for repositioning. He will grant us forward progression. He will uplift us. He will help us to attain to new heights. He will eradicate any form of barrenness, insufficiency and deficiency from us.

He will silence our mockers. He will raise our profile. He will also reveal His glory in us even the more. May the Lord God of Israel perform these and many more other things in our lives and in our midst this month and beyond in Jesus mighty name.