RCCG EFA Leeds 2024 Prophecy – Our Year of Divinely Assisted Reassembling, Rebuilding and Reinforcements

RCCG EFA Leeds 2024 Prophecy – Our Year of Divinely Assisted Reassembling, Rebuilding and Reinforcements

Reassemble can be defined as “To come or bring together again. To fit or join something together, in a single place. To make something again by joining its separate parts together. To become reorganised or restructured in order to make a fresh start”. Etc.

Rebuild can be defined as “To restore to a previous state. To make extensive changes to. To build again. To repair, especially to dismantle and reassemble with new parts. To build anew”. Etc.

Reinforce can be defined as “To make something stronger, usually by adding more material or another piece. To increase the power of something, especially by making it bigger. To strengthen by additional assistance, material, or support. To make stronger or more pronounced. To give added strength or support to. To increase the number or amount of. To strengthen or make stronger, as by patching, propping, adding new materials”. Etc.

When Jesus was arrested by the leaders of the Jews and sentenced to death, His disciples were shocked and perplexed. They went into hiding. They were faced with what they thought was unthinkable. They did not know what to do without Jesus (Mt. 26:31-56; John 20:19).

But when Jesus rose from the dead three days later, His effort was geared towards reassembling His disciples. He went after some of them. He sent message to others (Luke 24:13-35; John 20:16-18).

Having reassembled them, Jesus began to rebuild them again. He rebuilt their faith, confidence, courage, word knowledge and understanding, boldness, passion, ministry calling, and love for one another (Luke 24:44-53; John 20:20-31, John 21:15-23).

When these had been done, Jesus then reinforced them with power, authority, a renewed mandate, and His avowed ever presence (Mt. 28:18-18; Mk. 16: 15-20).

With these three powerful assistance from Jesus Christ to His disciples, they became unstoppable. They were fearless. They spread the gospel everywhere and took many territories for the kingdom of God (Mk. 16:19-20).

In the year 2024, God is determined to assist us to reassemble, to rebuild and to reinforce our lives, our families and our Assembly. He promised to remake us again by fitting and joining our separate parts together. He will assist in rebuilding us again, by dismantling certain disused parts and reassembling the whole body back together with new parts added.
He will help to remodel us extensively by reconstructing us all together. He promised to make us stronger by adding more ‘materials and resources’ to us. He will increase our ‘strength’ in quality and quantity. He will make our lives, our families and our Assembly more distinct and pronounced in the year 2024 and beyond to the glory of His name.

May all these promises be fulfilled in the life of every individual, in all the family units, and in the church as a whole in Jesus mighty name.