June 2023 Theme – Blessed Beyond Any Curse

June 2023 Theme – Blessed Beyond Any Curse

Blessed can be defined as ‘made holy, consecrated, held in reverence, highly favoured or fortunate, specially endowed, graced, etc’.
Curse can be defined as ‘a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something. It can be a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon another, or magical words that are intended to bring bad luck to someone, etc’.

Curses can be pronounced by someone on another due to anger, pain, jealousy, envy, hatred, fun, or simply for no reason. The sad part of this matter is that curses can and do materialise. There are wicked people and evil spirits that follow and monitor the pronouncement of curses to make them work, especially if the person it was meant for is somehow defenceless.

While curses are potent, as they are not mere words, but words watched over by evil powers. They can however be broken, destroyed and can also be reversed. As powerful as curses are, it is still possible for a life to be blessed beyond any curse. Such that whatever evil people or evil spirits pronounce upon such an individual will not find expression or fulfilment.

The bible tells us that as the Children of Israel were journeying to the Promised Land; they passed through the region of the Moabites. The King of Moab (Balak) and his people were very fearful of the Children of Israel, so they decided to put curses on them, in order to make them a powerless nation that would be susceptible to Moab’s dominion and servitude.

So, King Balak contracted the services of Prophet Balaam who had supernatural power in his mouth of making declarations that did come to pass. Balaam was to pronounce curses on the Israelites and thereby make them vulnerable and subservient to the Moabites (Num. 22:1-7).

Unfortunately, all the attempts by Prophet Balaam to curse the Israelites proved abortive, simply because the Children of Israel were already blessed beyond any curse (Num. 23:1-26). Contrary to Prophet Balaam’s intention to curse the Israelites, whenever he opened his mouth, he unwillingly was blessing them instead, till the King of Moab had to forcefully stop him (Num. 24:10-13).

As we prepare to enter this sixth month of the year, what God impressed upon my spirit is a word of courage that we are already blessed beyond any curse. God says that though wicked people and evil spirits will certainly intend to open their mouths to pronounce curses on us, such curses will however not happen. Whenever they open their mouths to curse us, it will be blessings that will come out instead. They will become so frustrated, alarmed and disunited in their caucus and covens, to the extent that they will forcefully and unwillingly abandon our matter. Their evil intentions shall also come upon they themselves as the Lord God liveth in Jesus mighty name.