July 2023 Theme: Perfect Wholeness

July 2023 Theme: Perfect Wholeness

Perfect can be defined as being entirely without fault or defect; flawless; something that is complete and correct in every way; complete in all respects; without omission; sound; lacking nothing to the whole; etc.

Wholeness can be defined as the state of being unbroken or damaged; the quality of being or feeling complete and not divided or damaged; totality with nothing wanting; state of robust good health, intact condition; soundness, health or wellbeing in body, mind, soul, or spirit, etc.

‘Perfect Wholeness’ can therefore be seen as a ‘symbiosis’, where each word seeks to further qualify the other. Both depicting a picture of totality of soundness, wellness, wholesomeness, faultlessness, completeness, flawlessness, etc.

When one accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, while their spirit becomes regenerated and their soul begins a renewal process, their body on the other hand might still not want to cooperate with their new life. So also, the negative situations and circumstances around them might not want to move. It is however the will of God that every areas of our lives should experience perfect wholeness (3 John 1:2). For this to happen, we have to trust and obey the Almighty God who is perfect and complete in Himself (Mt. 5:48; Col. 1: 16-17). The bible makes us to know that it is possible for a believer to have all he or she needs by obeying and trusting in God, with patience (James 1:1-4; I Thes. 5:23-24).

In Luke 17: 11-19, the bible tells us about ten men who were lepers, how they cried to Jesus to have mercy on them. Jesus did attend to them. They received their healing at the instruction of Jesus, as they were going to show themselves to the priest. Following that miracle, nine of them went away with joy. One of them however came back to Jesus to show his gratitude and appreciation. Jesus therefore released the blessing of perfect wholeness upon this particular one, who was even a foreigner. Ten of them got healed from leprosy, only one received totality of perfect wholeness in every area of his life.

As we approached the seventh month of this year, Jehovah impressed it upon my spirit that we are entering into a season of perfect wholeness. Our lives shall be devoid of fault and defect. We shall be made complete and correct in every way. We shall enjoy a state of being unbroken and undamaged. Our health shall be robust and our wealth shall also receive God’s attention. In this month and even beyond, we shall enjoy soundness, wellness, wholesomeness, faultlessness, flawlessness and completeness in every area of our lives in Jesus mighty name. May our Heavenly Father who is Perfect performs these and many more in our lives in Jesus mighty name.