March 2023 Theme: Divine Replenishment

March 2023 Theme: Divine Replenishment

Replenishment can be defined as the act of filling something up again by replacing what has been used. The act or process of re-supplying, refilling or renewing. The process by which something is made full, complete again or build up again.

God created the earth and filled it with different kinds of creatures and things. For those entities to exist continuously, they require an inherent ability of replenishment. When God created Man, He blessed and commanded Man  with the ability of replenishment upon the earth (Gen. 1:28). It is this blessing and command, together with the mercies of God that still allow Man to exist till now.

In Environmental Science, it is taught that certain resources have the tendency to last long because they can be replenished while in use i.e renewable resources. Those that cannot be replenished, have the danger of being used up with time i.e non-renewable resources.

Since God is the Creator of all things, He has the power to replenish both the renewable things and non- renewable things also. One of the things that deplete with time is the strength of Man. From early childhood the strength of Man increases, and plateau at a point in life. From that point, Man’s strength enters a downward trend.

The Bible however makes us to know that God can suspend that downward trend for specific persons and things, such that one’s strength can take a long time to plateau (Jos. 14: 6-15) or one may not even experience a depletion of strength at all (Dt. 34:7).

While it is not uncommon that even the young can find it challenging to muster strength, God can bless the anyone that put their trust in Him with amazing strength (Isaiah 40:28-31).

As we prepare to enter the third month of this year, God impressed it upon my spirit that He will grant us special blessings for replenishment of ‘strength’ onward. He promised that such things that have been put to much use within and amongst us will be replaced by Him to the overflow. Our power to perform will be renewed. Our energy and vigour to operate will be re-filled. Our might to do things will be re-supplied. God will build us up again in a miraculous way and make us full by His supernatural power and grace. May this be our portion as individuals and as a whole parish in Jesus mighty name.