March 2022 Theme – Jehovah Chatsahi – Lord My Strength

March 2022 Theme – Jehovah Chatsahi – Lord My Strength

Strength can be defined as ‘the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; mental power; force or vigour; moral power; firmness or courage; capacity for exertion or endurance; power to resist force or attack; the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort; the degree to which something is strong or powerful; etc

One of the crucial needs of man and any other living thing is strength. We need strength to live and to prevail in life. The world we live is such that one requires strength to survive and to withstand all-natural and supernatural elements. One challenge about strength though is that it can fluctuate. It can decrease and it can increase.


To this end, the acquisition of strength in both physical and spiritual terms is something that men seek after at all costs. Such that people pay huge prices and put their bodies through various exercise regimes, some use supplements and steroids to gain physical strength. Others even go to the extent of doing fetish things in order to obtain spiritual strength. However, the lasting, unfailing and strongest strength only comes from Jehovah Chatsahi – the Lord Who strengthens, and Who is full of strength.


In Psalm 27: 1-3, David proclaimed that God was the strength of his life, and because of that, he had confidence that nothing and no one can make him fearful nor afraid. He said that when the wicked, his enemies and foes came upon him to eat his flesh, they stumbled and fell. He also said that even supposing a host should encamp against him, his heart will not entertain any fear; and if war should rise against him, he would still be confident, because Jehovah Chatsahi would grant him victory.


Throughout the life of David, he was a fearless, brutal and victorious warrior because God granted him unusual strength.

How can a youth slaughter a bear and a lion with bare hands? (I Sam. 17: 33-37). How can a youth kill a 13ft giant who was a seasoned warrior with just a catapult and a stone? (I Sam. 17: 40-51). How can four hundred men under David defeat a host of Amalekites fighters? (I Sam. 30: 1-19). How can three thousand men under David defeat a national army in battle? (2 Sam. 17: 24-29, 18: 1-33). How can two tribes (Judah) under David defeat ten tribes (Israel) under Ishibosheth? (2 Sam. 3:1). It can only be by the help of Jehovah Chatsahi, who is also called the Strength of Israel (I Sam. 15: 29).


Jehovah Chatsahi has therefore impressed it upon my spirit that He will from now on demonstrate His unusual and unimaginable strength on our behalf and through us. He said He will grant us such strength that will defy fear, defeat and opposition. He will bestow upon us strength for physical and spiritual necessities. He will also bless us with tremendous strength as individuals and collectively to overcome personal and team challenges. May the zeal of the Lord our strength accomplishes these in Jesus’ name.