January 2021 Theme – Divine Restarting And Remaking

January 2021 Theme – Divine Restarting And Remaking

Restarting can be defined as ‘to start again or anew. It can also mean to begin or go on after an interruption’. Similarly, Remaking can be defined as ‘to make again or anew. It has to do with a creation that was created again or anew’.


The scripture also makes us to know that whatever God does is excellent and also endure forever (Gen. 1: 31; Eccl. 3: 14). God however in His own ingenuity always seeks to improve upon the works of His hands. Not because what He did before was badly made; but because He wants to make something more recent. He is the only One that can do that with what He has done before.


God can decide to restart or remake something if men He had expected to manage it had made mistake along the line; in which case God’s intention would be to bring that thing back to its original state and functionality (II Peter 3: 3-6). God may however just choose to make something new by His ingenuity and will (Rev. 21: 1).


When God finished the work of creation on the 6th day, everything was in exceptionally good order. Along the line, Adam and Eve made mistake; and following that, mankind continued on a downward trend until God decided He had to restart/remake the whole world again (Gen. 6: 11-22). The flood became the agent of cleansing and God restarted a new world with Noah and his family (Gen. 8: 13-22).


Also, in Mt. 13: 24-30, the bible tells us of a parable Jesus told. It was about a man who planted wheat in his farm, but when he slept, his enemies came and sow tares among his wheat and went their way. The man’s servants wanted to go and uproot the tares at once; the owner, however, asked that they exercise patience till harvest season when he will separate the wheat from the tares and then restart the plantation.


In this first month of 2021, God intention is to commence the process of restarting and remaking us into what He intended originally for His glory. Every ‘tares’ sown by the enemy amongst us while we had ‘slept’ shall be uprooted and cast into ‘fire’.

Every ‘wheat’ He had helped us to plant shall be given more grace to produce ‘nice fruits’ that will ripen for harvest. He will make our efforts of previous years to yield increase and good results. He will make our end product to shock our enemies who had meant evil for us. God will also use our excellent results to amaze those who have been watching very closely and keenly to see what will become of us. May the zeal of the Lord of hosts perform all these in our lives and in our midst in Jesus name.