January 2020 Theme – Strengthened Hands

January 2020 Theme – Strengthened Hands

Strengthened can be defined as “to make stronger or become stronger”. It can also mean to be reinforced, enhanced, bolstered, invigorated, toughened, buttressed, empowered, sustained, hardened, established, etc.

For man to perform tasks and other labours, one of the body parts that is most crucial to him are the hands. Hands are very important to man in our everyday life. They can be trained to be toughened; so also, they can be used to become weakened. Though weakened hands may still be working, just that its output will be less than expected.

The bible tells us of an account where Moses asked Joshua to gather men to go and fight with Amalek at Rephidim. That he would go to the top of the hill with the rod of God in his hands. As the battle commenced, it was noticed that whenever Moses’ hands were up, the Israelites would be prevailing against their enemies; but whenever the hands of Moses were down due to fatigue, Amalek would be prevailing over Israel. Aaron and Ur, therefore, devised a plan to strengthen and steadied Moses hands so that the battle ended in Israel’s favour (Ex. 17:8-13).

It is evident from the passage that no matter how anointed a child of God is, in the work of the kingdom, it is possible for their hands to grow weary. The good news, however, is that even then, God can strengthen wearied hands to perform again; even more than what the hands have been used to do before.

When the Holy Ghost power came down upon the disciples at the Upper Room, they became empowered to do mighty works; lives of people were transformed; and many souls were saved (Acts 2:41-43; 3:1-10).

The leaders of the Jews, however, put up still oppositions against the disciples and threatened their lives. The disciples prayed to God to strengthen their hands such that they were able to do even greater works (Acts 4:1-33).

God says, “Everlasting Father’s Assembly, I know your works. I know how you have laboured and toiled for the work of the gospel. I know the huge opposition that has risen against you. I know how you have suffered to protect my name. I know all the divinations that have been done against you. Yet I will repay. And I will strengthen you to greater performance. I will reward you greatly”.