August 2020 Theme – The Great Escape

August 2020 Theme – The Great Escape

Great can be defined as unusual or comparatively large in size or dimension; large in number or numerous; unusual or considerate in degree, power, intensity, etc.

Escape can be defined as to become free or get free from something; to avoid something; the cat of successfully getting out of a place or a dangerous or bad situation; to gain or regain liberty; to slip away from pursuit or peril; to avoid capture, punishment, or any threatened evil; etc.

There are many things that seek to entrap the life of any man: poverty, illness, failure, loss, stagnation, enslavement, etc such that life is a constant struggle to escape these evils. As God’s children, we are however promised a way of escape whenever we are faced with such challenging circumstances (I Cor. 10:13).

In Acts 12: 1-17, we are told that King Herod began persecuting the Early Church greatly. He laid his hand on James the apostle and beheaded him; when he saw that there was no uproar against it; he laid his hand on Peter also. But because it was a Jewish holiday season, Peter was remanded in prison for possible execution. On the night before the day, Peter was to be killed, God sent his angel that night to deliver him from prison. It was a great escape!

16 soldiers were detailed to keep continuous watch over Peter; 4 soldiers were on a four-watch rotation. 2 soldiers were chained to him inside and 2 were outside at any given time. Peter was sleeping when the angel of God appeared in the prison, giving out bright light; the angel smote Peter on the side to wake him up and asked him to arise quickly.

As Peter got up, the chains on his hands fell off. The angel asked him to dress up, and so he did. The angel further asked that Peter should follow him, and he did. All this while Peter thought he was having a dream. Surprisingly, the soldiers, prisoners and warders did not see or hear anything!

Peter and the angel passed by two sets of guards of soldiers and then went through the main ironed prison gates that led to the city, which opened on its own accord. When they got to an adjacent street, the angel then disappeared. It was then Peter knew that God had sent His angel to deliver him from the hand of King Herod and the evil Jewish rulers. Even the church that was praying for Peter’s release could not believe his escape when it happened! It was massive!

This month and beyond, the promise of God for us is that He will grant our Assembly great escape. Individuals, families, and the church shall enjoy great escapes from bad situations and dangers. We shall slip away from evil pursuits and peril; we will avoid any kind of capture, punishment, and threats. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform these for us in Jesus name.