There are kinds of sleep: dose, slumber, sleep, coma, death, etc. All these are natural phenomena. It is also possible for someone to experience any of these spiritually. Certain gods in history have also demonstrated these tendencies; it is only God that does nor slumber or sleep.

Though sometimes God keeps quiet to test our faith when we pass through trials like the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, most times God always demonstrate to his children and their enemies that He is permanently awake. May God do so for you in Jesus name.

Psalms 50:3 – Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him.

May God shine in your life. May God come down for you. May God not keep silence about your case in Jesus name.

In 2 Chro. 32:1-23, we read about Sennarcherib who was a king of Assyria, he reigned after his father in 705 BC. He was cruel ruler. His name actually means ‘Bramble of destruction’. He destroyed every nation he came across.

He first built a powerful and large army to which he used to overpower the region of Asia and Middle East. His reign was of terror. Several nations have fallen into his hands; the ten tribes of Israel have fallen into his hands; the cities of Judah were also overrun remaining Jerusalem.

As nations under Assyria were rebelling after the father of Sennacherib died, against Isaiah advice, King Hezekiah made an alliance with Egypt to rebel against Assyria. Unfortunately, Assyria attacked Egypt first. Then Hezekiah knew that Jerusalem was in for a tough war. It’s either they surrender to Assyria or engage in a gruesome battle.

As Jerusalem is by far outnumbered by Assyria. Invariably death was looking at them. Hezekiah tried to appease Sennacherib by giving him all the gold they have, he even stripped the gold from the temple, but Sennacherib was bent on attacking and destroying Jerusalem.

Sennarcherib thought the God of Israel is similar to the gods of the nations he had destroyed. He also thought the Israelites had done away with their gods as Hezekiah cleansed the land of idols.

How God demonstrated to him that He is forever awake! Just one angel destroyed his hosts. No physical fight had taken place, but he had suffered grave casualty already!

May God arise and defend you as such in Jesus name.

The army of Assyria surrounded Jerusalem walls. They built watchtower around the walls watching the inside of the City. They gathered stones and sands as heaps behind the gates that entered the city and so Jerusalem was locked in.

After Hezekiah had found out that there is no other way out, he encouraged the people of Jerusalem to put their trust in God (2 Chro. 32:5-8).

Sennacherib began to boast about his might and his father’s conquest to intimidate Hezekiah the more. He equates the Lord God with all the gods of other lands and God was moved to act. God sent just an angel that killed 185,000 Assyrians in just one night. Sennacherib ran away to Nineveh and was later killed by two of his own sons.

Are you surrounded to the extent that there seem not to be a way out? Is Satan boasting of his strength regarding your case? Is there anything that is threatening your progress, survival, fruitfulness, increase, joy and peace? How powerful is that Sennacherib that is intimidating you? God is more powerful. May the Lord God that deliver Hezekiah and Judah deliver you in Jesus name.

Though King Sennacherib had died long time ago, such a spirit still lingers on. It is the spirit of fear; intimidation; scare; threat; etc. If you are experiencing such, may God silence his voice in Jesus name.

For over 400 years the Egyptians have been tormenting the Israelites. They have got used to it and thought the Israelites will forever serve them. They made their task harder each time and the Israelites could not resist them.

The Egyptians would have boasted that their own gods were superior to the God of Israel that is why Israel was their servants. But one day, God decided to show the whole world that He is wide awake all this time.

So in Exodus 3:7-10, God told Moses that He has seen the affliction of His people and has come down to deliver them.

If you are here and you are going through any affliction, God said He has seen your affliction. He has heard your cry. He has known your pains. He has come to deliver you. He will bring you out of any unpleasant situation. He will bring you into a good and large land flowing with milk and honey. For one challenge, God will give you six testimonies in Jesus name.

To someone, God says He has taken note of the oppressions you are going through. He says He has come to deliver you. There is someone here, God says He will empower you to confront your fears and conquer them, as Moses was empowered to confront Pharaoh his principal fear.

In the book of Judges 6:1-14, the people of Midian became the tormentors of the Israelites for seven years. The land of Israel was made impoverished year by year. The Midianites would have thought that their oppression would continue. However, God decided to show them and the Israelites that He had not been sleeping. He made sure that the victory for the Israelites was personally done by him. He used 300 men to defeat 300,000 men!

If you are here and certain negative things have been prevailing over your life, may God remove the things and also their effects on your life in Jesus name.

Every power that is making your destiny to hide as in caves or holes, may God judge that power in Jesus name.

May the destruction from human and spirits not come upon you in Jesus mighty name.

Only be strong and of a good courage.

May Midianites that have encamped against you be diffused in Jesus name.

May God guarantee your sustenance. May God restore anything of yours that have been destroyed in Jesus name.

In Acts 12: 1-11, God again demonstrated that when He doesn’t act does not mean that He is unaware. Herod began the persecution of the Church after Jesus had ascended. He took James and beheaded him. Not only did James die, his arrest and execution was easy for Herod. The Jewish leaders were also happy, so he took hold of Peter to be executed.

This time, God decided to show Herod and the disciples that He was awake, only that He wanted James to come home.

Peter was been guarded by sixteen soldiers and locked up in an inner prison. At all times, 2 soldiers were always tied to him. The night before the day when Peter was to be killed, God struck. An angel of the Lord went to rescue him. As the angel came upon him; light shined in the prison; the angel smote him on the side and asked him to arise quickly.

Every power that is comparing you with something they have dealt with cruelly before will be surprised by God in Jesus name.

Every soldier of hell planning to deal with you when you ought to be celebrating be put to shame by God in Jesus name.

May every chain and door that has kept you bound be broken and flung open by God.

May the angel of the Lord come upon you.

May the things God do for you be too good and great to understand and even believe.

May gates and enclosures of captivity around you be opened as you approach them in Jesus name.

May the expectations of ‘Herods’ of life and the wicked people upon your life be frustrated by God in Jesus name.



Almighty Father, replenish all my lost energies

Almighty Father, let all powers contending with me fall asleep.

Almighty Father, wake me up from every slumber and sleep of life

Almighty Father, declare your alertness regarding my case.