Our God is very strong and there is none stronger than Him. Jesus declared in Mathew 28:18 that all powers in Heaven and Earth had been given to Him by His Father. Whenever Jesus sees His disciples displaying such power to His glory, He is filled with joy and accomplishment (Lk. 11:19).

The bravery and strength of man is disappointing and useless (Isaiah 40:30). God however expects that we take courage in what He had done; what He is doing; and what He has promised to do.

The anointing of God upon a life can do great exploits; however, of great importance is the courage one ought to show in God that bestows the anointing. God commanded Moses to lay hands on Joshua by way of transferring anointing upon his life (Num. 27:18-20). After Moses departure, God repeatedly had to charge Joshua that what is left for him to do is to be strong and courageous (Jos. 1:6,7,9,18).

The twelve disciples of Jesus were anointed while they were with Him. As Jesus walked on the Sea one day, they though it was a ghost. Jesus assured them that it was Him. He asked them to take courage and later to come to Him on water. Peter exercised that courage a bit and walked on water! As the courage disappeared, he began to sink (Mt. 14:25-31).

God has impressed it upon my spirit to charge us this month that He had invested so great power and anointing upon our lives, only if we would be strong and courageous in Him, we will as much ‘walk on water’ i.e. achieve the impossible. May God fulfil this in us this month and beyond in Jesus name.