A Walk Into Favour, by Rev Charles Achonwa

A Walk Into Favour, by Rev Charles Achonwa

Favour is a higher level of mercy. When God shows someone mercy, it means that the person has received pardon for an offence; but when the person is favoured, it means that having been pardoned, the person is still promoted. So, favour is far greater than mercy. It is mercy plus promotion.

The passage that comes to mind when thinking of coming of coming into favour is that of Mephibosheth. David at a time asked his men if there was anyone left alive in the house of King Saul that he could show the mercy of God because of Jonathan his friend. He was told that Jonathan still had a son left, but he was lame on both feet. Even though a person like that was not supposed to be seen within the palace, David asked that Mephibosheth b brought in; not only that, he became one of the king’s sons; he was apportioned a daily ration as a prince, and he sat with King David at the table to eat! (2 Sam. 9: 1-9).

Whenever great emperor of the time would have come to visit David; Mephibosheth also would have been introduced as one of the king’s sons. What a walk into favour! Let somebody say ‘Today, is my day of favour’. Say it prophetically and convincingly. My work today is to make you believe what the Lord already has done for you.

There was a time when I was a student and I was given a scholarship. It was difficult for me to believe. I thought how it could be that I was the one given the scholarship out of hundreds of people in the Biological Sciences when I was not even among the best five students in my department, yet I was the one that was given a scholarship. It was just the favour of God.

I have a message for someone here, today is your day of favour. Things will turn around for good for you in the name of Jesus.

The favour we are talking about today is not earned, it is Divinely arranged. That is why you are walking into it. If it is you that arranged it, you won’t walk into it. But if someone else arranged it and you did not know; it can then be said that you walked into favour; the same way I walked into the favour of that scholarship. God will order your steps and you will walk into favour in Jesus mighty name.

Supposing as you arrived church today, Pastor Sam tells you that he is marking his birthday, that of his wife, of myself and that of my wife today. Such that he has prepared lots of food to the extent that you will be able to eat as you can. On top of that, there will be a monetary gift for you before you go home. It means you have walked into food and money. When God favours you, it is bigger than money or food. Let somebody say, ‘I receive favour’. Today shall be your day of favour. Say I receive it. It is so in the name of Jesus.

I used to play hockey years ago. Whenever we played, it was always a goalless draw. But when our coach came back from training in India; he re-arranged our team. He swapped the person on the left wing with the person on the right wing. With that simple arrangement, the next matched we played, we score 4 goals and later won the trophy in our state. The same way God is going to re-arranged someone’s life here today. It shall be an arrangement for good. If there has been an impediment, God will remove it. He will make a way where there seems to be no way: through the sea or the wilderness.

In Psalm 102: 13, the bible says the time to favour Zion is now. This kind of favour is immediate. A kind that had already been arranged by God. Such that it is not the doing of man.

I used to have a friend, he was not that educated, neither was he working for longer hours in any day. But big business and juicy contracts were just following him, just like when the bible says, ‘goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life’. It was this friend that God used to roof my house with a gift.

I was watching a ministration of Kenneth Hagin some time ago; he asked people to laugh at the Devil. Can I implore you to do the same now? Laugh at the Devil because he is losing a big battle over you today. It is your day of favour in Jesus name.

Thou shall arise is a prophetic statement. David was prophesying what God was about to do. The same way I stand here to prophesy into our lives that we are favoured in Jesus name.

In 2 Chron. 20:20, the bible says when we want to be established, we should believe God; and when we want to prosper, we should believe His prophets. God always uses men, not systems. As a prophet of God, I declare that your prosperity is now, walk into it.

When God arises, what happens to His enemies? They scatter the bible says. May your enemies be scattered in Jesus name. whether they are marine spirits, celestial spirits, elemental spirits, etc. they shall all scatter in Jesus name.

God shall have mercy on Zion. Favour is even beyond mercy. Therefore, your time of favour is come. The bible says the set time and not the set day. Your set time of favour is come in Jesus name.

The sermon, A Walk Into Favour was delivered by Rev Charles ACHONWA on June 2, 2019.