June 2019 Theme – A Walk Into Favour

June 2019 Theme – A Walk Into Favour

The feet of man is capable to take him to many places and into many scenarios: good or bad. It is possible for the feet of one to lead them into shame; error; failure; success; promotion; prosperity; favours; etc.

For example, the feet of David walked him into fame and honour when he appeared on the battlefront between Israel and Philistine (I Sam. 17: 17-18). The feet of Sapphira, however, walked her into death when she appeared before the apostles having not seen her husband for over 3 hours (Acts 5: 1-11). The feet of Haman walked him into shame and destruction when he appeared before King Artaxerxes as he wanted to take permission to hang Mordecai (Esther 6: 1-14; 7: 1-10).

So also, it is possible for one’s feet to lead one into favour. The Bible records that the donkeys of Kish of the tribe of Benjamin were missing. So, Kish asked Saul – his son to go with a servant and searched for the donkeys. As they searched districts and regions for these animals, little did Saul knew that his feet were walking him into favour to become the first captain of Israel. God revealed this to him not too long afterwards (I Sam. 9: 1-27).

In the land of Israel, during the harvest of wheat, the poor people were allowed to follow reapers behind and pick leftover grains for their families to eat. Ruth’s feet surprisingly walked her in the path of favour as she followed the labourers of Boaz; a wealthy near kinsman to her former husband who later married her and brought her into the genealogy of Jesus Christ (Ruth 2: 1-23; 3: 1-17).

In this month and beyond, God has impressed it upon my spirit that our feet shall walk us into diverse favours. Some might desperately be searching for ‘donkeys’; unknowing to such, their feet will be leading them to favours predestined. They will only realise this when a sudden and exciting announcement shall be made to them. May the zeal of the Lord of Hosts perform this in Jesus name.