Breakthrough, by Pastor Charles Achonwa

By Pastor Charles Achonwa,
Text: Isaiah 43:19
We need to read this scripture slowly and carefully for it to make meaning to us. The word of God is real. Let us absolve this verse. Then God will make it work in our situations. It is not good enough for one to find a scripture, but for the scripture to find the person. It is only then that the scripture begins to work for that person. The promises of God cannot fail. His promises are sure. When we remember that the entire world is created by God’s spoken word, then you will know that His word is very powerful.

In Heb. 11: 3, we read that through faith we understand that the world was framed by the word of God. No one can understand this scientifically, as it can blow up the brain. It is through faith we understand that God spoke and all the universe came into reality. That word that created the heaven and the earth will work for you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Three years ago, I had an experience that made it real to me that the word of God works. We wanted to build an institute where people will be trained, but there were no sufficient funds. I stood on Mark 11:23, where the bible says if we speak to a mountain to be removed, it shall be so. So I used that to command the mountain of lack to go and for the mountain of funds to emerge. So, I and my wife, together with two other associates prayed between 12pm-1am for three months preceding the launching of the institute. At the lunching, people made pledges on the day. However, a particular man I have never met before gave a cheque that we thought it was fake because of the huge amount. But as soon as we paid in the cheque, it cleared. It was like a dream! People knew that God had done great things for us.

The word of God works. It is my prayer that God will print Isaiah 43:19 in our hearts today as a copier does on paper in Jesus name. If you are here and have been experiencing a wilderness experience, may God put an end to it in Jesus name. In wilderness, people wander; journey that was supposed to take 40 days could end up in 40 years. Today, God will make a way for you in Jesus name.
Anyone in a desert experiences lack of water, nutrients and dryness. Prayer, bible study and fellowship will no longer be sweet to them. They only come so that people will not bother them for being absent; I pray that God will give you rivers in the desert in Jesus name. There will be streams for you. There will be water for you.

The good part of the desert is called the oasis. There are usually water, palm trees and date palms. Date palm is very sweet. May God bring sweetness out of the desert you may be going through in Jesus name.

I am very happy being in your midst this morning. The ‘pictures’ I see make me very happy. Hardly have I gone into any church that I had prepared to sing a song and I ended up singing three!

I do not have a title for this message, as it will be addressing several issues in different people. The two words that came to my heart this morning was break through. You will receive break through in the name of Jesus Christ. Let us believe in Isaiah 43:19 and apply it to any wilderness and desert experience we may be passing through. If you don’t have such, believe and stand in the gap for a loved one that is passing through such.

Some require break through and they though they will do well by gathering as much academic knowledge as possible. But it not by might or power, but by the Spirit of God. God has a way of making sure that His glory remains for Him. That was why God dealt with the devil by the seed of the woman.
In the verse of the scripture, nothing says it will be us making the way in the wilderness or the rivers in the desert. It was God that says He will. So we need to relax in The Lord.
God said, ‘Behold!’ It means that there is something God wants to say or do. God is saying watch out, as there is a new thing that He wants to do. Spiritual power is not dependent on what we can do, but on what has been done by God. The person who is able to connect to what has been done by God, will have more power than one who is trying to do something. This verse is not asking you to do the work, all it says is that you should open your eyes and see what has been done.

Open your eyes and see what The Lord has done for you already. See that the wilderness experience is over. That the desert experience has gone. That a new thing has been done on your behalf by God. We have to behold it before the reality will come. You have to see it to be it. For what you behold is what you become. When we behold the glory of God, we are changed into the same image as Him.

When does the bible says the new thing will spring forth? It says NOW! It doesn’t matter what your challenge is, God says it’s over. I stand here to stir up your faith to believe that those challenges are over in Jesus name.
Some people want to see evidence before they believe. That is not faith. The evidence that faith is built upon is the word. The substance of what you are hoping for is the word. The evidence that a new thing has started in your life is in Isaiah 43:19.

Father, I received comfort by the Holy Ghost.
Father, I receive the wisdom that will establish in the break through you have given me.

Sermon delievered by Pastor Charles Achonwa, Genera Overseer, Doulous Ministries on July 13th, 2014.