The Snare Has Broken; You Have Escaped, Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

The Snare Has Broken; You Have Escaped, Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Snare: a trapping device, often consisting of a noose, used for capturing birds and small mammals. Something that lures or entangles the unwary/not cautious or watchful. Something deceptionally attractive. Something in which one is involved in difficulties. Anything serving to entrap or entangle unawares.  Other words for snare are allurement, bait, decoy, enticement, entrapment, lure, pitfall, trick, booby trap, etc.

In the few days left in this year and in the year 2020, you will not enter into an allurement. You will not be caught with a bait. You will not fall for a decoy. You will not be entrapped. You will not enter into a pit. You will not enter a bobby trap. No charm will work on you in Jesus name.

Snares are not handiwork of nature. They are intentionally made for particular animals and humans by particular persons (human/spirits). The intent of the person that set the snare is to either capture, to harm or to kill the animal/human. I have been sent by God today 29/12/19 to congratulate some people; truly the snares were set for you severally this year; but thank God they all got broken, and you escaped.

The Psalmist in chapter 124:1-8 declared that if it had not been by the mercies and power of God on their side when men rose up against them in anger, they would have been swallowed alive.

By the reason of such people’s anger, the Israelites or David, in particular, would have been submerged in water, swept away in current or their soul overwhelmed negatively somehow. But thank God who didn’t give them up as a prey to the people’s teeth.

There are some people listening to me now, this year 2019, men have risen up against you, as a result of those people’s anger and provocation, you would have been swallowed this year; floods of life would have overpowered you; the currents and torrents of life would have simply gone over your soul. Can I announce to you that those things were not works of nature, they were designed by men. Though you had to go through those tough experiences, I’m here to congratulate you that they didn’t submerge your soul, as that was their intent.

A small animal/bird can only escape from a snare that was set for it in few ways:

  1. Disciplined enough to avoid the path of the snare completely if he is suspicious; the challenge with this is that snares itself is usually concealed. What the animal sees is usually the bait. Snares are also usually attractive. The fowler would have used a particulars bait that the animal could not resist.
  2. Trip off the snare in style with something else if he knew; problem with conceal…
  3. The snare did not trip off because it was set by an amateur;
  4. The snare held a part of the animal that was not life-threatening, and so it was able to break free with injury. Tail, leg, arm, etc. But it’s still alive.

But it can only be by miraculous power and rare chance for a small animal to have been caught in a snare and then escaped because the snare got broken. What would have broken the snare?

The only way that can happen would be that external superior power has rendered help. In this wise, it was the Almighty God that made the snares to break, such that the Israelites/David were able to escape. God tore the nets. He cut the noose. He snapped the wire. Those things could have done them great havoc; but they escaped.

You shall escape every snare of demons.

Your shall escape every snare of evil men/women.

The name of the Lord will always help you. The Maker of the heaven and earth will always deliver you. God says I indeed helped you before, I will help you again.

Snares are no joke or toys. It can take one’s freedom away. It can maim. It can kill. In the 3 days left of this year, if there are still any concealed trap set for you, if there are still any attractive bait set for you, if there are still any dangerous entrapment set for you, God will break them all. You will escape in Jesus name.

In the Book of Daniel 6:1-9, because of the favours of God upon Daniel, his mates and those under him (120 provincial governors and 2 other regional governors as himself) set a snare for him.

The snare was concealed, as Daniel was not privy to the plan until the decree was signed. Possibly, he would have petitioned the king prior to it been signed. The people were wicked and very envious of him! Such that no one did whisper to him.

The snare was very attractive, as Daniel could not do without praying three times daily to God. Not doing it for 30 days would mean 90 times of prayers lost!

The snare was very dangerous. He would be thrown into the den of lions, not even in prison. The lions were truly there, not dead, not sick. Daniel by himself could not have overpowered the lions, it was God that had to send His angels to shut the mouth of the lions.

It may be that just because an excellent spirit is upon your life, men have set snares for your downfall. It may even be that they have seen that promotion is coming your way. So, they are determined to do you harm before then. Guess what?

Such snares are broken right now in Jesus name.

When the king later knew that the snare was particularly set for Daniel. He became perplexed and helpless. He did nothing till the evening. The people had to remind him of his decree. One good thing about both the king and Daniel was that they were hopeful in God. God did not let them down.

The psalmist says

Psalm 62:5

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Psalm 33:20

Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield.

Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

God will not let you down.

Those who have set snares for you when they return to check their catch, they will find out that you have escaped; and that the snare is even broken beyond repairs in Jesus name.

There is something that always baffles me in that story of Daniel in the lion’s den. After the king has asked Daniel to be brought out, I thought that would be the end of the story.

But no, the king knew that if care is not taken, there would be another plot against Daniel which might be tougher, so he gave another command, that those who were involved in this plot, together with their wives and their children should be thrown into the den of lions!

But why wives and children? Again, the king knew that the fight that the fathers could not win and died instead, their wives and children would continue it. So over 122 families just perished because of a snare set for a child of God!

I pray for somebody, the same snares that God has released you from will ensnare those who originally set it for you.

Prov. 26:27

He that digs a pit shall fall therein, and he that rolls a stone, it will return upon him.

King Saul set several snares for David’s life out of envy and fear of losing the throne. In I Sam. 19:1-24, Saul ordered his son and all his servants to kill David at sight. God used Jonathan to break that snare. David escaped.

But when David popularity still soars, Saul became enraged again. Saul tried to pin David to the wall with a spear, he also escaped that as well.

Saul set another trap for David to kill him at home. David’s wife Michal who was Saul’s daughter was used by God to break the snare.

So, David ran to Prophet Samuel in Ramah. There God shielded him. Saul sent three emissaries of soldiers to get David when they arrive, they would enter into prophetic frenzy. Saul himself went, he did not only begin to prophesy, he even removed his clothes in front of David and Samuel.

Every conspiracy and plot against your life are hereby foiled in Jesus name.

May God use out of the players of any plot against you to leak their plans to you.

May God shield you in His pavilion where the hands of men cannot reach.

May God threw every power that is chasing after you into panic.

May God expose the nakedness of your enemies to you.

Those who have set snares for you, may God disgrace them in the open.

When Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls and gates of the city, certain men conspired against him to hinder the work. They tried intimidation; it didn’t work. They tried attack, ridicule, etc. none worked. The work continued.

When they saw that the wall has made tremendous progress, they resorted to setting a trap for Nehemiah to end his life.

Neh. 6:1-4 – invited to Plains of Ono for a meeting four times. They wanted to harm him.

Neh. 6:10-13 – Shemaiah asked him to run to temple for fear of death. To disgraced him.

Every plot to end your destiny will fail.

Every snare to reproach your name will fail.

Every plan to stop the good work you are doing on earth will not work in Jesus name.

Congratulations! The snare has broken. You have escaped.



Father, let me and my household continue to dwell in Your shadow.

Father, hide me always in Your pavilion.

Father, let all my enemies fall before me.

Father, whenever any attack planned against me, turn such planning into foolishness in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I command every demon that has been sent on errand against me to return to do their senders harm in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I silence permanently every evil voice speaking against my life.

The sermon was delivered on December 29, 2019.