In II Kings 5: 1-19, the Bible tells us about Naaman who was the commandant of the host of the Syrian Army coming to Israel to seek cure for the leprosy disease he was suffering from.

The interesting thing was that even when Naaman was still in Syria, he already had a pre-conceived idea or imagination of how his healing would take place or happen (II Kings 5: 11-12).

He was of the opinion that Elisha would come out and meet him personally (because of his social standing), and then Elisha would conjure some kind of powers from his God and then rub his hands over his ailing skin for the leprosy to disappear.

Moreso, he was also of the view that even if it’s washing in a river that would do the miracle, it must be a clean river and not the mucky water of Rivers Jordan.

However, for Naaman and all that will hear this incidence to know that there was and is still a God in Israel, the plan of God for his healing was definitely more than could imagine. Eventually, when Naaman humbled himself to bathe in River Jordan, his flesh became like that of a child and he clean!

This month of June, God is going to do a lot for us that we can’t even imagine yet. Just like He used dirty waters to clean leprosy, and equally used the relayed word of Elisha without his physical presence. He will use insignificant things to bring about significant occurrences in Jesus name.