While I was in the military, I was taught that there are four phases of war. These are said to be: Advance – Forward movement. Attack – Combat engagement. Defence – Holding on to a fort/land. Withdraw – Retreating from the enemy’s fire.

Looking at the four phases closely, it dawned on me that the best of them is the Advance Phase. This is because during the stage of Attack, both troops always suffer loss (no matter how small). During the Defence stage, one is not really sure of what will happen next. Actually, it has always been said that the best form of defence is to attack. Withdrawal from battlefront is one of the deadliest operations ever. Not only that the troops might have their backs turn to their enemies, it is also common for one to get shot by friendly fire.

During the Advance stage however, there is continuous forward movement – though this is coupled with the anticipation of a likely attack, but with the readiness to deal a decisive blow to the enemy if that happens.

God had promised the Israelites that He is taking them to the Promised Land (a land flowing with milk and honey). But at a time, they got to a place called Mount Seir, and because the place was kind of nice, they encamped there for many days (i.e. defence). However, God had to command Moses that the people should commence advancement towards the north to the Promised Land (Deut. 2: 1 – 3).

This month of July, God wants us to ‘rise to our feet’ in preparation to advance to our ‘Promised Land’. He said we have dwell on a particular ‘mountain’ for too long. Let us obey Him by exercising all that it’s in our power to do so. May we get there in Jesus name.