Some years ago while I was in Primary School, I used to arrange races (running) with my friends. Some of my friends that participated in such races were of younger ages and of both sexes. In order to be fair and just, we put some of us at an advantage position ahead of the rest. These are usually the female and those that are particularly shorter in height. Most of the time though, those of us at the rear still usually win the race.

Whenever God placed a fellow at an advantageous position however, no one can overtake him/her. In Daniel 1: 3-20, King Nebuchadnezzar commanded the master of his eunuchs to look out for certain breed of people among the slaves from Israel  who will be privileged to learn the culture of the Chaldeans; be fed with the king’s ration for three years to look robust; and thereafter be able to stand before the king.

The Bible says when the master of the eunuchs went out, he was led by God to appoint Daniel, Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego and put them in an advantageous position within the palace. At the end of the three years, these Israelites were placed side by side with their counterparts from Babylon (including magicians and astrologers). The master of the eunuch and the king himself found out that these men were ten times more intelligent in wisdom and understanding than all the rest of their colleagues.

This month of May, in all His mercy, grace and favour, God will divinely set us at an advantageous position than all our counterparts. He will grant us knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom. He will also grant unto some of us understanding in all visions and dreams in Jesus name.