Divine Backing, by Pastor Peter Yakubu

Divine Backing, by Pastor Peter Yakubu

The Sovereign God is the Most Powerful Being And we know Him as the Most High God. When He says He will give you divine backing, you can be rest assured that you are in the safest place there can ever be.

When we talk about divine backing we are primarily saying the Most High God will be for you: standing with you, for you, by you and supporting you. When God has your back, you have nothing to fear or worry about. And this month He has given us His assurance of divine backing. We, however, should know that we have our own parts to play in the matter.

It is important that we grow through the stages to the point where God can trust us enough to entrust us with His “divine backing” and be confident that we will not let Him down. As children of God we all have His general backing of protection, assistance and all that. But the context we are taking it this time is a little deeper: we are talking of His endorsement. Before we can get to the level where God says “go, I am behind you “, we would have proven ourselves through the stages.

The three stages are:
– Following Him -Ps 23:1
Here you learn to follow Him by placing your feet in His footprints as He leads the way [He says, “follow me, and I will make you…”] Matt. 4:19

Walking with Him – Mk 3:14
Here, you walk side by side with Him as friends: you smell His aura, you feel His pulse and get used to His voice. Jn. 15:1

Going before Him -Gen. 17:1

Here, you have advanced in your knowledge, fellowship and relationship with Him that He can trust you to represent Him. He endorses your moves and actions because you make decisions on His behalf. -1Kings 17:1

The Bible calls you gods: (Ps. 82:6- I have said ye are Gods….). You have His label on you; He has endorsed you. But if you do not know this truth you cannot live it out to fulfil it. That is why He said (in vs 7), you will die like mere men and fall like ordinary princes. The keyword here is to know. If you do not know what is meant for you or given to you, you will never realize your full potential and you will remain crippled in your ignorance.

When you know the truth you will be free.

When you have divine backing, you speak for Him and He endorses you because you already know what He would do and say if He was to be physically there. Your words become His word; your actions become His actions. You become His representative, His Ambassador. You cannot fail at this stage because He cannot fail. You are His ambassador, His representative.

For forty days and forty nights Goliath troubled and terrified the army of Israel and no one could stand up to him until David came on the scene and replied him.
Ephesians 6:13 says to put on the whole armour Of God to be able to stand in the evil day- not the armour of Saul that could not stand Goliath. The whole armour is spelt out in Eph. 6:14-18.
The belt for a soldier is very critical: when a soldier is to be court-martialled or licked up, the belt is one of the few things demanded of him without which he is not regarded as dressed as a soldier. The Bible says truth is our belt. It is the central accessory that holds the top and the down in place, without which you are a misfit. Such is how vital speaking the truth is to our Christian walk.
Righteousness is likened to the breastplate that protects our rib cage that houses the vital organs of our existence.

The preparation of the gospel of peace (evangelism) is our security as we go from places to places ensuring that our feet are not hurt.

Our shield of faith extinguishes the fiery darts hurled at us by the tongues of men and agents of the dark kingdom.

We are completely protected by the whole armour of God except our backs that should have been the responsibility of our fellow soldiers (which, unfortunately, we don’t get in the Christendom). Because our backs are left vulnerable, God said He will be our backing from this month. Hallelujah!!!

All the armour as listed are defensive but one- the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God that is the only offensive. The best way we can represent God and get His backing is in what we say. It is the word of God we speak that is the cutting edge (RHEMA) David defeated Goliath when he replied him. The greatest battles are fought with words. They who know their God are strong (Bold) and not afraid to speak. They get God’s backing.

After the listing of the whole armour of God in Ephesians 6:14-18, it ended with ..praying all manner…in the Spirit… God gave us tongue so we can speak, but because some of us don’t know what to say and others are not so eloquent, He gave us tongues. Praying in tongues (or in the Spirit) is a gift for us to speak in God’s name and language. You cannot pray in tongues and pray amiss nor speak in tongues and not speak His word. Praying in tongues helps you to make the latent power of God in you available for the demonstration of His glory. He will always stand to His word. He will always back up His word.

Let your tongue loose and start speaking and watch divinity give you every backing desirable in life. Enjoy the month

The sermon by Pastor Peter Yakubu of Prevailers Arena, Lagos, NIGERIA was delivered on August 4, 2019.