September 2018 Theme -Infusion of New Dunamis

September 2018 Theme -Infusion of New Dunamis

An infusion can be defined as ‘the introduction of a new element or quality into something’. While dunamis can be defined as strength, power and ability, especially the power of the miraculous of or from God.

The nature of power is that it is meant to do work; and therefore it can be expended, even when the power is from God as an anointing. As long as that power resides in man, it is susceptible to reduction and can even be exhausted through usage or abuse.

When Jesus was on Earth, though God incarnated, He seldom goes to quiet places to receive new dunamis from His Father (Lk. 5:15-16), He also encouraged His disciples to do likewise (Mk. 6: 32-33).

In Acts 2: 1-4, the disciples were infused with the power of the Holy Ghost to do the works of the ministry, of which signs and wonders were wrought through their hands. The leaders of the church and of the people rose up against them, they wanted to kill Peter and John, but after they had beaten them, they were threatened never to speak in Jesus name anymore. When Peter and James got back to base, they gathered the disciples together and they cried out to God, requesting boldness to preach, and that healings, signs and wonders will be common in their ministry. They were then infused with new dunamis for service (Acts 4: 1-33).

I am strongly persuaded by the Spirit of God that in this new month and beyond, new dunamis will be infused into us for the work ahead. That strength and ability to minister with boldness, as well as the prevalence of signs and wonders will be infused into this ministry that God has invested into our hands. May we all be partakers of the new dunamis in Jesus name.