Power of Progress

By Rev (Dr) Bola Akin-John —-

Deut. 2:1-3; Job 8:7; Exo. 14:15; II Sam. 3:1

I am firmly convinced that this day is going to be a turning point in your life. The power for progress will fall upon your life in Jesus’ name. God’s desire is that we keep marching forward. It is not a crime to start small, but definitely a crime to get struck there. It is my earnest prayer that through this teaching and prayer sessions, you will receive power to progress and move up and move more rapidly in Jesus’ name. Every Christian must join the progressive ‘party’ of God. You will become an overtaker.

A. Progress – a definition

Progress is advancement that is measurable. Expansion, promotion, advancement, enlargement, being lifted up, dominion, ruling, dominating, forward movement, moving towards a better and higher place. Moving forward in time. Progress can be swift or slow. You must however never stop, but move onto higher ground. Progress is not a programme, but a lifelong process.

Scripturally, progress is the non-negotiable will of God for our lives and church. Pro. 4:18; Ps. 92:12-14; 91:14; Gen. 39:5; 41:39-40; Est. 6:1-11; Dan. 2:48 and Isaiah 40:28-30.

  • What is stationery will start moving
  • What is crawling will start walking
  • What is walking will start running
  • What is running will start flying
  • What is flying will fly higher and higher.


B. Why You Must Progress – Job 17:9; Ps. 84:7


  • If you don’t progress, you will regress.
  • God commands and desires your progress.
  • Being stationery leads to stagnation and ruin.
  • God has never given the gear of reverse to anyone
  • Go forward is the eternal message of God to people.
  • Your progress determines your future.
  • You must progress so as not to become a byword.
  • You must progress to shame your adversaries.
  • You must progress to affect your world – be a channel of blessing – make impact.
  • So that you can be among the Best not the rest.
  • Your progress determines your dominion in life.
  • You must determine to make outstanding progress in life. Don’t settle for average.


C. Enemies of Progress – Job 17:9; Psa. 84:7


If you want to travel far, travel light.


  • Secret sins – sins will hold you, cheapen you, bring you shame and regret.
  • Wrong notion and view/vision.
  • Disobedience and stubbornness
  • Satisfaction with average – Luke 1:53
  • Curse – father, mother, master, husband, wife, pastor, friend, God
  • Wrong foundation / Negative inheritance.
  • Wrong stewards of your time, talent and treasure.
  • Wickedness and destroying others.
  • Envy and jealousy.
  • Laziness and indolence
  • Biting the finger that feed you
  • Impatience with God
  • Pulling down others.
  • Prayerlessness
  • Failure to grasp opportunities.
  • Lack of purpose and direction.
  • Tied down by the past.
  • Unseriousness with life.
  • Contentment with average.
  • Moving with wrong people
  • Demonic domination
  • Wrong advisers and ignorance.


  1. Areas You Must Progress


1. You must progress in these areas?

a. Spiritually – Eph. 6:10; II Pet. 3:18

b. mentally – Luke 2:40,52

c. Financially – Deut. 8:18; I Tim. 6:17-19

d. Physically, materially


2. Your Family – Ps. 144:12-14

3. Your Business

4. Your Church – Ps. 92:12-14; Luke 14:23


Sermon delivered by Rev (Dr.) Bola Akin- John on June 22, 2014