Resounding can be defined as: clear and emphatic; unmistakable. It can also be define as: full of or characterized by resonance; reverberating. While victory can be define as the defeat of an enemy or opponent; success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle; or the state of having triumphed.

After the Israelites overthrew Jericho, the Israelites were faced with a small settlement called Ai. Unfortunately they were defeated by Ai because of the disobedience of Achan (Jos. 7: 1-26).

However, after they have dealt with that disobedience, God encouraged them to go back to fight the same war again. God did not only asked them to go back; He told them how many people to go and also guaranteed a resounding victory for them synonymous with that of Jericho. Furthermore, God permitted them this time to help themselves with the spoils of the war (unlike Jericho where they were strictly warned not to); and He gave them the strategy they would use to attack the City (Jos. 8:1-2).

God has promised us a resounding victory in Everlasting Father’s Assembly this month. Have you been previously defeated in any battles of life? Examine yourself and stand up to fight again. Whatever circumstance has defeated you before will now be smitten before your face in Jesus name.

Approach the difficulties; struggle or obstacle with all your potentiality and God will grant you success. You will take spoils of the wars you fight and God will reveal to you the strategy to engage and overcome your opposition in Jesus name.