The Bible makes us to know that before Genesis 1:1 there was a rebellion in Heaven. The Devil who was then called Lucifer was the Archangel that stood before God Almighty. Lucifer thought he had already known the entirety of God and having formed a good rapport with other angels thought he could overthrew God (Isaiah 14: 13-17).

He staged the coup, supported by one-third of the angels, but lost. Angel Michael and the rest two-third angels then chased them out from the third heavens to the clouds above the Earth (Rev. 12: 7-10).

Later when God made Man, Satan cunningly broke the fellowship of God and Man and in a way became a champion over God’s creation. However, Jesus the Son of God left His throne in Heaven, died for the reconciliation of Man to God and remained in the tomb for two nights and three days. At this time, Satan was of the view that he had conquered Mankind forever.

On the third day of His death, Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead with a glorious body by the power of the Holy Spirit and therefore became ‘The more than conqueror’ (Rev. 5: 1-14).

This month of April, we will praise, magnify, adore and ascribe all glory to Jesus Christ – The More Than Conqueror! As we do this in spirit and truth, Jesus will make us greater than all things that had conquered or seek to conquer us through the power in His name.