Glorious can be defined as conferring or full of where glory is great honour, praise, or renown. Translation on the other hand is an act, process, or instance of translating as a change to a different substance, form, or appearance.

In Mark 9: 2-10, we have an account of a glorious and amazing translation. It is popularly called ‘The Transfiguration of Christ’. About a week after Jesus had asked the disciples who do people thought He was; as well as who do they thought He was. He decided to show them a glimpse about His eternal glory.

Having taken Peter John and James to a high mountain for prayer, He was translated into a glorious form before them so much that the disciples were sore afraid!

From the month of May and beyond, God will translate Everlasting Father’s Assembly and her members into a glorious form. Our appearance will be shocking and frightening positively. The touch of Heaven will be apparent on us; the cloud of glory will overshadow us and God will attest to the fact that we are His beloved overtly in Jesus name