Solemn can be defines as: deeply earnest, serious, and sober. While reflections is defined as: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration.

In Christendom, it is also practised in the Bible, as long as it is anchored on God’s aid. The act of solemn reflection made people like Enoch (Gen. 5: 21-24) and Isaac (Gen. 24: 63) look like super humans!

In I Sam. 30: 1-19, David and his followers encountered a situation that rendered them helpless. Their wives, children and possessions taken away by raiders and their tents set on fire. When they approached the scene, they began to cry like babies. It was until David employed the act of solemn reflection before he began to hear what to do from God. Through his conversation with God, he and his men recovered all that was stolen from them.

This month of February, God wants us to observe a time of solemn reflection to ponder on what He has done for us before, and through that uphold the assurance that He is able to grant us un-usual strides He promised for 2011.