Stride can be defined as a noun meaning: a long step in walking; the act of progressive movement completed when all the feet are returned to the same relative position as at the beginning; the distance covered by such a movement; a regular or steady course, pace, etc; or a step forward in development or progress.

As a verb: it is to walk with long steps along, on, through, over something; to pass over or across in one long step; to stand with the legs wide apart or to walk with long steps, especially in a measured or pompous manner.

Unusual on the other hand can be defined as: not usual or common or ordinary; being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected or slightly odd or even a bit weird (mysterious, supernatural).

Moses was a man that enjoyed unusual stride in his lifetime. For example, in Num. 12: 1-15, we read how God spoke to him physically and audibly; comes down personally to defend Moses and also declare that He personally identify with Moses as His own!

The ministry of mighty prophets like Elijah and Elisha are dwarfed by that of Moses. As a matter of fact, the book of Deut. 34: 10-12 summarizes the unusual stride Moses was able to achieve in his lifetime. What a man! What a life!

God told me that the year 2011 would be a year of unusual strides for Everlasting Father’s Assembly. We will achieve feats that are not common or ordinary. As Moses looked weird to his generation, we too will seem strange to our generation of today in Jesus name. We will also attain progress that will seem mysterious and supernatural.