July 2015 Theme – Exceeding Great Rewards

Reward in a positive term can be defined as something given in recognition of service, effort or achievement. To be rewarded is good; to be given a great reward is even better; and to be given exceeding great reward will be the very best.

In Gen. 15:1, God told Abram in a vision that He would be his exceeding great reward. At the time, Abram was living as a stranger in Canaan, and the promises of God in Genesis 12:1-3 looked very bleak to him. God had to encourage and reminded him that the blessings would still come, and even exceedingly greater.

He was told that though he was still childless, but he would still have a successor from his loins, and that his descendants will be countless like the stars in the sky. Also that the land he then was a stranger will be given to him as an inheritance.

Over the time, all these promises of God were fulfilled in his life. Abraham, as he was later renamed by God, had sons and daughters of his own. Isaac, one of his sons became the covenanted child to continue the Jewish race.

The land Abraham was a stranger then is today an inheritance of the Jewish people, despite fierce battles from nations wanting to retrieve the land from them.

As Everlasting Father’s Assembly proceeds from her 9th year unto the 10th, I hear God saying that He will be our exceeding great reward. He said that He will not only bless us with rewards for our service, efforts and deeds; but that He will also make such rewards to be great and actually exceedingly great. He says, He will bless us with children who will be heirs to the promises He has made unto us; that our Seeds will be numerous and that He will grant our present dwelling place to us as an inheritance.