Smooth in this wise is defined as “moving without jerks; without difficulties”. While sail can be defined as “begin a voyage”.

I have come to understand that if any mechanical device should work smoothly, i.e. its engine runs normally, the work that the machinery is used for will be good. For example:

– the products will be nice;

– the cost of production will be low;

– the fatigue on the operators will be less;

– the supervision time will be reduced;

– the likelihood of mechanical fault will be curtailed.

But when the engine continues to run and stop frequently or with incessant jerks, a whole lot of problem and frustration will occur.

At the beginning of the Early Church, for the Church to be given the dignity it deserves and accorded importance; God ensured that He effected a ‘smooth sail’ for the Church by punishing certain hypocritical followers (Acts 5:1-16).

The occurrence made the people to magnify the Apostles as servants of the Living God to the extent that not just anybody could join them. It also demonstrated the all knowing power of God which made multitudes to join the Church: both men and women. It also boosts the faith of the Apostles and as such more miracles happened.

We are all commencing on a voyage of the year 2010. It’s a trip that none of us has taken before. There are several junctions, bus stops, resting place, obstacles, etc on the way that we are not aware of. However, through the grace of God, from this month of January onwards, God is promising us that He will smoothly sails us into a year of untold miracles in Jesus name.