In I Chro. 22: 1-19, David spoke to his son – Solomon about the building of the house of worship unto God. He told him how God said he should not build a house for Him because he has been a man of war, and how he has taken the pain to gather all the building materials e.g. 100,00 talents of gold; 1,000,000 talents of silver; iron and brass in excess of weight; abundance of hewed stones and choice timbers. He mentioned that he had recruited professionals and workmen ready for the work. He finally commanded all the prices of Israel to co-operate with Solomon so that the project will be a reality.

So, in the 2nd month of his 4th year as King in Israel, Solomon started the building of the temple of God. In the 8th month of his 11th year of rule, Solomon completed the building. It took him 7 years and six months to bring it to a completion (I Kings 6: 1-38).

Looking at the completed edifice, it was a fulfilling completion; a magnificent structure and the pride of the Israelites for many generations to come, built from costly materials and mostly overlaid with pure gold. The efforts, pain, trouble and pressure of the 7 years plus and the preparations of David was therefore not compared to the glorious outcome!

This month of December, God is promising that all our planning, efforts, struggles, pains and preparations since January on projects that are dear to our hearts as individuals and as a Church will be brought to a fulfilled completion in Jesus name. God will overlay all our efforts with ‘pure gold’ in Jesus mighty name.