It’s February, a time that has been set aside by the RCCG to seek the face of God through fasting and prayers. It is therefore a time of sacrifice, however God is expecting a deeper sacrifice from us this month in order to enjoy a year of untold miracles.

In Joel 2: 12-32, God was speaking to the Israelites that they need to turn to him with all their heart and with their fasting; with weeping and with mourning. That they need to sanctity themselves and pray that they be spared of shame and reproach by God.

It is only then that God will be jealous of their land and pity His people. God will then bless them abundantly; drive away every parasite from them and then pour out His Spirit on them for untold miracles!

This month therefore, God do not only wants us to just fast and pray; He wants us to turn unto him with the whole of our hearts. He wants us to demonstrate a sober attitude, sanctify and consecrate ourselves anew; and then pray that He saves us from any reproach.

As we demonstrate this deeper sacrifice, God will be jealous for us; pity us and send us great provision from above. He will rebuke all devourers for our sake and pour out His Spirit among us to show wonders in Jesus name.