Attainment can be defined as the act of achieving an aim; arrival at a new stage; obtaining a skill or been successful in one’s doing. The success will be Divine when it emanates from God or when it happens through an inexplicable perceptive Power.

After Jacob through disguise and cunny craftiness received the blessing of the firstborn from Isaac their father, Esau became very wrath and was determined to kill him as soon as their father dies. Rebekah – their mother heard about Esau’s plot and arranged a make-up story to let Jacob escape from the house while their father was still alive (Gen. 27: 41-46).

Jacob fled from Esau his brother for about twenty years. He left Canaan with just his staff (rod). However because of the grace of God upon His life; he enjoyed Divine attainment in the economic, social, family, etc status of His life.

When he was coming back to Canaan after his sojourn in Haran, Jacob had two large entourages coming back with him. He had lots of oxen, she asses, flocks, menservants, women servants, two wives and eleven sons. In his words, he came back with two caravans! (Gen. 32: 1-10).

This month of March will be a month of Divine attainment for us all in Everlasting Father’s Assembly. We will experience attainment spiritually, materially, financially, matrimonially, socially, and health wise in Jesus name.

In areas where any of us has suffered defeat before; success will now manifest, where it seemed as if you were a nobody; greatness will now emanate in Jesus name.