It May Be Delayed, But It Shall Not Be Denied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

It May Be Delayed, But It Shall Not Be Denied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

The calendar of Man is measured in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Within these times, things get done and happen.

Many of the things we experience in life are given a time frame when we expect them to happen, and when they do, we usually do not realised the significance of their occurrence, life just carried on as normal.

However, I have found out that we tend to cherish life experiences more when they happened at the last minutes of the time frame we had expected them. Our joy then will be greater, our gratitude will be bigger and even our value for what we have received will be higher.

For example, I arrived this country on a visiting visa and had to stay. My family and I went through very challenging five years afterwards before God settled us miraculously. God made the Immigration Authorities to set aside immigration rules and made a visitor like me to become a citizen within 6 years! Our settlement was delayed for five years, but it was eventually granted.

Why did I give that example? I believe that a person like me will cherish their Leave to Remain than someone for example who got a dependant visa because they married a citizen. That person will have a set time that they will become citizens themselves. While someone like mine would need a miracle, the other person only need to follow a due process. We experienced some delays and pains in the five years period; but we were not denied. Guess what, our citizenship was even faster than some people on the safer route!

Someone is here, your immigration status has been delayed. That delay has come to an end today. It will not be denied.

You are here and your delay has been caused by certain policies. God says He will set the policies aside.

You are here, your situation looks abnormal to normal people around you. God says He will soon make your situation supernormal to theirs.

In Gen. 27:41-45, Jacob heard from his mother that Esau had vowed to kill him as soon as their father dies, so Jacob ran away to Uncle Laban possibly in Syria. God promised him that He will bring him back and give him the land he was running away from. After 20 years in exile, he decided to go back home, but he was still afraid of Esau.

But on the night before he met his brother face to face, his destiny took a new dimension – his name was changed from surplanter to someone that prevailed with God. Esau had no other choice but to shower him with favours.

You are here, something had made you afraid before, and you are afraid to approach it again, I’ve been asked to tell you the situation has changed. Go for it again!

There is something that has connection with your blessing. But you are afraid of that thing. If you don’t get over the fearful thing, the blessing can’t come. The good news is, the eleventh hour favour has dealt with that thing for you. Go and obtain your blessing.

Within those 20 years, Laban cheated Jacob severally, but God did not let him go in vain. At his departure, he became wealthier than Laban himself!

You are here and you have been exploited. God will turn the table around.

The bible makes us to know that Mordecai was a foreigner in Persia. He was opportuned to get a job as a security man at the kings gate and was managing himself and looking after his niece – Esther.

Mordecai heroic and brave acts were never rewarded. He was also hated by the Chief Adviser to the king. Life must have been hostile and unfair to him in those circumstances.

By miraculous means, Esther became the Queen. It was as if things were about to become sweet, then the devil got mad. Mordecai was to be sent to gallows, following that, the Jews in all the provinces were to be slaughtered in one day!

God sat quietly on His throne and watched the events unfold. It was at the last hours prior to Mordecai’s execution that God swung to final actions. Haman the tormentor became the tormented.

You are here, something is chasing after your life; you will begin to chase that thing from now.

You are about to say joy at last, then a bigger problem surfaced. You will see the end of the problem.

Someone is here; you always feel that life has been unfair to you. God says you will now be in charge of your life. As Mordecai was giving the supreme authority by the king; life will answer to you from now.

It has always been said that the darkest part of the night is when the day is about to break. Geographically, I’m yet to find out why. Militarily I can say it’s true. While in the Nigerian Army, we used to have four watches of 2 hours each for 2 soldiers from 10pm-06am. The darkest time is when it’s after 5am. If one is not careful, you would start feeling sleepy or afraid. But by 6am, the daylight appears.

There is someone here, your dawn breaks today. You have been experiencing dark cloud because you are pretty close to your day. I pray that you will receive the boldness and strength to stay awake for your day is here.

In 2 Kings Chapters 6 and 7, the bible talks of a terrible famine in Israel to the extent that parents were killing their children to eat in turns. The king thought of killing Elisha for not doing something about it, so Elisha decreed that food would be very surplus in 24 hours and the clock started countdown to zero minutes from 24 hours.

During the day time, nothing appeared to have happened. As people went to bed that night, nothing appeared to have happened, but God began to work upon Elisha’s decree. By dawn the following day, the surplus food was ready. So that when the City of Samaria awoke just before the end of the 24 hour period, food was everywhere!

All what God had to do is to make the Syrian soldiers hear a noise and they ran leaving their food and spoils behind.

Are you going through a season of famine? What is that famine you are experiencing? It doesn’t matter how tough it’s been or how lengthy it has been. This is the 11th hour of its expiry date. You will have surplus to eat, you will have enough to give out and you will have leftover to save.


Father, let every delay I am experiencing end right now.

Father, let lingering situations in my life and family be sorted right now.

Father, let my breakthrough generate envy from Mankind.

It May Be Delayed, But It Shall Not Be Denied, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye was delivered on November 29th 2015.