September 2016 Theme – Divinely Arranged Introduction

Introduction can be defined in many ways. One of such is “the formal presentation of one person to another, to an audience, to a society, etc.

Introduction is a common exercise among humans. It happens when for example, one of two friends presents a third person who is only acquainted with one of them alone to the other friend of theirs, in order for the newly met two people to become acquainted as well.

In most of such introductions, the intention is to improve the life of those newly introduced, so that they can become friends and be of mutual benefit to one another.

It usually happens that the status of the person doing the introduction and that of the person been introduced to always rub on the new entrant to the friendship, so that if the two old friends are highly placed, the newly introduced friend status may follow suit.

God created and made everything. He therefore knows who can be of little or great assistance to everyone. In I Kings 17:1-24, the bible tells us that the Palestine region was suffering from a terrible drought at the words of Prophet Elijah. There was a widow and her son in Zarephath who were just about to finish their household ration and die as a result of that drought. God thought of how to help this woman and her son. God decided the best way was to introduce her to the very anointed Prophet Elijah, as God could have continue to feed Elijah where he was by the ravens and send water by another means to him as well.

This introduction was very crucial to the life of the widow and her son: their family was fed miraculously throughout the famine; when the widow’s son later died of an ailment, Elijah was there to raise him from the dead; the social profile and spiritual rating of the widow also rose to a very high level in the neighbourhood.

It is impressed in my spirit that in this month on September and to the end of this year, God will introduce some of us to people who will make significant and positive change to our lives. It shall be a season of Divinely arranged introductions. The changes that will happen for such people will be that of a life transformation. The social status of those concerned will be elevated; their wealth will appreciate; their life expectancy will increase; their spiritual rating will be heightened; etc. May everyone with a yearning heart among us enjoy this supernatural introduction in Jesus name.