Cutting a Covenant with the Almighty

By Revd J.O. Adeboye

Text: Gen. 12:1-7; 15:1-end

What is a covenant?

Intentional spiritual friendship or relationship

Legal agreement between 2 or more parties

To come together, to agree



  1. Gives deeper understanding of the bible
  2. Understand that everything God does is based on covenants
  3. Better understanding with the covenant with Jesus
  4. Gives assurance, freedom and power
  5. Elicit attitude of grateful to God and Jesus
  6. Accountability and responsibility
  7. Transforms your life



  1. Parity agreement – between equals e.g. Rehab and 2 spies, David and Jonathan, Abraham and Abimelech, marriages agreement. God however supervises every covenant.
  1. Suzerain-vassal treaty – e.g. between superpower and their allied nations.


Rules that governs covenants

  1. No alliance is allowed with other nations
  1. No enmity is allowed with another vassal state.
  1. Vassal must mobilise the army when called upon by the Suzerain
  1. Vassal loyal to the Suzerain
  1. No asylum to refugee from non-vassal states
  1. Vassal must appear before the Suzerain annually with tribute (Deut. 16:16)
  1. Disputes between vassal must be settle by the Suzerain
  1. Blessings and curses follow covenants
  1. Usually a solemn ceremony of cutting an animal


God covenant with Abrahamic Covenant is in chapter 12. The ceremony is chapter 15 and the token in chapter 17.


  1. Promise of Land – inheritance was given (Heb. 11:6; 13:15; 15:18; 17:8).
  1. Promise of descendants (exalted father to father of multitudes).
  1. Promise of been a blessing to nations
  1. Covenant ceremony (Gen. 15).


God covenant and you

Jesus came and shed His blood, which contain the new covenant.

Lk. 22:19-20

What are our responsibilities?

  1. Being born again
  1. Committed member of house of God
  1. Renunciation of every other covenants

Following these, you should also observe the following:

You must be baptised in water (Col. 2:11)

You must be part of the Sacrament of the Holy Communion.



God is not a man

Text: Num. 23: 1-20

Jehovah is interest in blessing us, this is easy by Covenant. Most time, God enact covenants with His people so He can bless them. The teaching of God is not a man readily tell us two things:


1. Assurance

2. Caution



The manner of God with whom we have cut covenant:

God is not a man.

What ways is He different?

  1. He cannot lie Num. 23:19; I Sam. 15:29.
  1. He can’t repent i.e. No sudden change of mind.
  1. He does not see as man sees (I Sam.16:6-7). Don’t look at yourself from the viewpoint of men.
  1. His works are perpetual.
  1. God does not break covenants Ps. 89:34-35
  1. God is unlimited in His abilities. Lk 1:37, Mt 19:26, Rom. 4:18-21



God warned Israel as they go to Canaan. We too must be warned today as He enters into covenant with us:

– Do not forget The Lord.

– Let not your heart be lifted up in pride.

– Do not attribute your success to your strength or ability.

– Remember The Lord. Dt. 32:16-18

Psalm 106:8-12 – the wonderful deeds of God, 13-43 – the atrocities of Israel.

Delivered on May 3rd 2014