July 2018 Theme – Common Salvation; Uncommon Faith

July 2018 Theme – Common Salvation; Uncommon Faith

God intended Man to live an easy life at creation, but after Man fell, living became very difficult for Man as he has toil before eating; the ground is to bring forth thorns and thistles and not automatic fruits and herbs anymore. Pains and friction in a  matrimonial relationship are to be common; so also are pains of childbirth. Man that was supposed to live eternally before, was from then on to return to dust where he was taken from and he will always be at war with Satan (Gen. 3:1520).

As these were not enough, when Men began to multiply over the surface of the earth and daughter were born to them, certain angelic beings polluted the human race, giving birth to giants and men of renown (Gen. 6:1-6). The earth became filled with wickedness and violence. Along the line, God had to wipe off all creation, starting another race with Noah. But not too long, the heart of Man yet became extremely wicked and began to perpetuate evil again.

God later started a special race for Himself through Abraham, He gave them a set of rules to follow, which they still struggle to keep. God eventually sent His only begotten Son to this world to die and save Man once and for all. It was the most costly sacrifice heaven could render for the salvation of Man (John 3:16; Rom. 10:9).

Jesus came into this world, crucified at 33 years and paid the redemptive sacrifice. The way to obtain salvation from then on became ‘simple, cheap and common’. One would think that the whole world will be saved since Jesus had made salvation available to all and simple to obtain. But no, as it takes uncommon faith to obtain that common salvation. Essentially, one will need to ask God in Jesus name to forgive them of their sins to obtain this common salvation, very easy! After salvation, one will still need to demonstrate yet uncommon faith to guard their salvation (Phil. 2:12); and also to perform unusual exploits (Mark 11:23). As common as this salvation is, it’s surprising that Man still prefers to seek salvation from tougher sources: rulers of darkness or wicked spirits through shedding of animal blood or spilling the blood of the innocent.

God is counting on us to highly cherish the common salvation we have been given by Jesus Christ; to exercise uncommon faith to guard our faith and to engage in heroic exploits that will bring glory and honour to God while we live. It is my prayer that this become achievable in our lifetime in Jesus name.