Be The Best In Whatever You Do, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Be The Best In Whatever You Do, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

There are about 7 billion people over the surface of the Earth; it will take one to do something very striking to get noticed or be the best among that number.

However, God has created all of us with unique gifts, talents or endowments; it is therefore possible to stand out in life, if one uses their talent(s) efficiently and effectively.

Just like the parable of the talents, two of them utilized what was given to them to the optimum and were rewarded excellently. The last one refused to use his own talent, and was severely punished.

God has not created anyone empty. There is something unique God has deposited in every human being, whether a believer or not. It is the duty of man to find out what that unique ability is and be the best in it.

In life, two extremes always stand out and only few occupy them. These are the best and the worst. Most people occupy the middle – the good category. However, those who are good might be so many to the extent that good may actually not be that good. The better place to be is to be among the best.

Jesus did His best in ministry. He was a Prophet extraordinary (knew Simon & Nathaniel); a Teacher unrivalled (corresponding parables); an Apostle without equal (places he would later go) Lk. 10:1; an amazing Pastor (shepherd to a thief (alabaster) and very selfish and temperamental people); and a marvelous evangelist (well of Sychar).

The Jews could testify that He was the best they have ever had as a Scribe, yet He never went to a Seminary School.

Mark 1:21-22 – And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the Sabbath day he entered into the synagogue, and taught. And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.


Acts 10:38 – How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

  • There is an anointing for excellence, may God bestow it on you.

  • He paid lots of sacrifice. Fasting, prayer, spend time, energy,

In Judges 11: 1-33, the Bible makes us to know that Jephthah was born into a very influential family. He had good prospects of becoming a prominent somebody in the society until his father died. His siblings chased him out of home because his mother was a harlot. He started living with vagabonds; he would have died as a nonentity, if not that he specialized in warfare.

When the Israelites were confronted with war with the Ammonites, they remembered him. God blessed his military skills, he won the war and he became a Judge in Israel.

– May God make what you are good at become scarce.

– May your specialty be sought earnestly.

– May people that need what you can do well locate you.

When David ran away from Saul, about 400 men gathered unto him. These were distressed, discontented and debtors in the society. Over a few years, they became mighty men in Israel. Again, this happened because they chose to be courageous, fearless, disciplined and loyal warriors (1 Sam. 22:2; 23:8-39).

-.The Bible says diligence pays. You may not be reaping the dividends now, but never mind, it will come.

– You will soon be mighty.

– You will promoted to commander of division.

– Army (sections, platoons, company, battalion, brigade, division, directorate).

In Exodus 31:1-6, God shows that He knowingly puts certain gifts in people, and those gifts are required to benefit His kingdom. Bazaleel and Aholiab with other artisans were anointed by God for craftsmanship. They could cut gold, silver, bronze, stones, woods, etc. They could also do engravings and embroideries.

They were not only recognised by man, but even God also.

While most people build with mud, blocks and wood. In Israel, they build with stones. What a special talent.

– May God anoints you for special purposes.

– May Jehovah’s anointing for rare things come upon you.

In I Sam. 17: 1-58, we know that David was obviously anointed by God to kill Goliath. Prior to that though, there was something that David was very good at, that he knew would help him – his catapult. As he was looking at the giant, he had a target and he knew if he should sling five stones, one must hit the target.

In the Army, we were taught certain Principles of marksmanship. To be a marksman, you will need to get 10 out 10 shots, and not less than 9, if you are getting under 7, your life is at risk. It means that you may not have another opportunity to shoot at your enemy before you are hit.

David put Saul’s armour off as he knew he won’t stand a chance with Goliath in them (I have not tried them before).

Goliath was saying “I’m I a dog that you are coming with a stick…?” David was however focusing on his skull as he was running to Goliath. Guess what? It worked! That was the beginning of David’s fame (Saul kill 1,000 but David 10,000). He saw in minutes what others didn’t see in forty days.

  • May you not major in the minor things of life.

  • If David had approached Goliath in Saul’s armour, it would have been suicide for him.

  • May God open your eyes to see what others have not seen that will bring you fame.

  • By the time they saw that stone can hit Goliath on the head, David already had Goliath head in his hands.

The Apostles of Jesus were so influential and famous because they sought to be their best in the art of preaching and prayer. There was a time when food distribution wanted to distract them, but they chose to remain focus and as a results the gospel spread the more (Acts 6:1-7).

In academics, in order to specialise in a field, you have to focus on a tiny aspect of it. So that when you see someone that has PhD in Geography, it doesn’t mean that they know everything in Geography out rightly, however what it means is that they have specialised knowledge in some aspects of Geography.

– Don’t be jack of all trade. Specialise in something and be the best in it.

One of my senior pastors (Pastor Ranti Oyewale) said there is a huge difference between when he was a Pastor in Nigeria compared to when he became a Pastor in UK. In Nigeria, it’s only Bible he reads. Here he is the Janitor, Secretary, Driver, Lawyer, Cleaner, Choir leader, Prayer leader, etc.

Under such circumstances Pastors may not be able to be their best as they do more than necessary.

If Usain Bolt tries anything above 400m, he will regret it.

Choose something, it may be small, but be the best in it.

Dorcas was not a miracle worker like the Apostles, but yet she did her very best in life by caring and helping the needy and church leaders. Her best spoke for her when her voice could not. When she died, people she had helped did not give up. They sought for Peter to come and pray for her and she came back to life (Acts 9:36-41).

  • Can what you do earn you a reward?

The Bible says “Whatever our hands finds to do, we should do it really well” (Eccl. 9:10).

– If you can do what you are doing now better and you are not putting in the efforts to do so, you are cheating yourself.

Again, one of my senior colleagues in ministry (Pastor Eddie Iduoze) was here last year, he made a statement I can’t forget. He said, “If he was a worker here, many people will be jealous of him the way he would serve God”. Some will say, “Is it not the same God we are serving?” Or is it not just to clean, usher, sing, but no Sir. It is more than that. It is to do it excellently, you need to do it with a touch of difference.

David was a worshipper. Just like the Levites and we today claim we worship God. David’s worship was however something else. More so, he was a King that could have applied caution to how he carried himself. But no, he outdid everyone else in worship till his wife became jealous or uncomfortable.

  • If no one has ever notice that you are doing too much, guess what? You may not have hit the best mark threshold.

  • You have to put in your best to life to be different from what others do.

There is this film I’ve watched a number of times, it’s called “The Gladiators”. Many good lessons for me in the film. One of such is a statement by an owner of a group of gladiators. Whenever they were filing out to fight. He would remind them his slogan, which says “We humans are but shadows and dust, go and die with honour”.

– I say to you, though we are but shadows and dust, however while we live, let us live with honour. Be your very best now.

In Num. 10:29-34, Moses begged his brother in law (Hobab) to follow them to Canaan, the man first refused, but appeared to later went with them. Why would Moses begged him, since it was the presence of God that was leading them?

The simple reason is that Hobab knew where certain things were along the way, so his expertise in Arabian Desert terrain would be very helpful. Guess what? His descendants became partaker of Abrahamic blessings.

– What expertise are you bringing into God’s kingdom?

  • Of what benefit are you to Mankind?

  • What can other creations gain from you being alive?

  • Are you using that expertise well?

May the spirit of being the best rest upon all of us in Jesus name.


Help me to identify my gifts and talents

Help me to utilise my talents in the best possible way

Help me to be the best in what I do for myself

Help me to be the best in what I do for you.

The sermon, Be The Best In Whatever You Do, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delievered on February 7th 2016.