You Will Grow From Glory To Glory, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

You will grow from Glory To Glory, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

In my year 3 of high school, we were taught in Biology that one of the characteristics of living things is growth. There was a slogan we memorized then called MR NIGER D.

Which means: Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction and Death?

This is true as one of the inherent power that God gave to Mankind as a living being is to grow. God had only once created a fully grown man and woman (Adam and Eve); every human after them must grow overtime.

That is why Jesus, who is God, but when He came as the Son of Man had to be born as a baby, and had to grow as we do.

Luke 2:40 – And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

Luke 2:51-52 – And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Jesus grew in stature, i.e. physically: height, build, weight, muscles, etc. Otherwise, His earthly parents would have been worried.

  • May God make you to grow to your desired stature in Jesus name.

  • There is someone here saying, if only I can grow this much, God says, “It is done”.

Jesus grew in strength, in wisdom, in favour and in grace. Even though He was God incarnate, He needed to grow in all these areas.

  • May you grow in strength, wisdom, favour with God and Man, and in grace in Jesus name.

Why do we need to grow?

One will not be able to do certain things you ought to do if one does not grow. I remember when my parents first took me to register for Primary School. I was given three tests, two academic which I passed, one physical which I failed because I had not grown enough, I had to sit at home for one year because of that. If not that I jumped classes later on, that would have slowed me down academically.

  • Your growth will not be stagnated in Jesus name.

One will be cheated, even by younger folks. I remember also in my High School, because my stature was small, my mates would just slap me on the head and would run away, the funniest part is that even girls also were involved. However, during the long vacation of my third year, I grew taller than those that used to touch my head.

  • May you receive the power to grow higher than anything that had undermined your person in Jesus name. Say after me:

  • I refuse to remain stagnant.

  • I will grow perpetually in life.

  • My coast will be greatly enlarged.

  • I will occupy new territories.

  • I will take over more grounds.

In life it can be tempting to cut corners in order to achieve growth. If one considers worldly people as they rise, one might be tempted to copy them. A good father’s however admonished his son in Proverb 4:14-18 not to follow evil gangs to seek bread and wine, but should choose to be righteous, because God will make the path of the righteous to shine brighter and brighter unto their full day.

  • May your path progressive shine

  • May your glory continually rise

  • May God increase your bread in storage

  • May God bless you with more wine

  • May God multiply your barrel of oil

There are people in the scriptures that their glory grew from lower levels to higher levels. David was one of such.

In I Sam. 16:1-13, God instructed Samuel to anoint David as King in front of his older siblings. Though it was secretly done, his brothers knew that levels had changed. He used to be number eight, but now far in front…

  • There is a shift in the spiritual realm for someone right now. You used to be at the rear, you are now promoted to the front. I don’t know how long it might take to manifest in the physical, the power of God has set your elevation in motion.

David was anointed at 17years; the next 13years was very challenging for him. However at the age of 30, he was crowned as King in Hebron over Judah. Seven years later, he was crowned as the King over the whole of Israel.

  • God says I should tell someone, “I will widen your domain”.

  • I want you to look around. Seated here in few years from now are leaders of region and leader of nation. I’m not sure what is the age of that person now; but it will manifest in the process of time.

Isaac is another person that God made his glory to progress positively. In Gen. 25:1-11, the bible makes us to understand that Abraham took a second wife after the death of Sarah (Keturah). She had six sons. So when Abraham was about to die, he gave gifts to these six sons and Ishmael, then he sent them eastwards. But he gave all that he had to Isaac. This ALL has been interpreted to mean “The covenant upon his life” i.e. The blessing of Abraham. What made Abraham to be Abraham.

In Gen. 25: 11, this glory began to manifest in Isaac’s life after Abraham’s death. At that point, all that he had could dwell by one well.

Genesis 25:11

And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and Isaac dwelt by the well Lahairoi.

Later, in Gen. 26:11-23, Isaac glory grew bigger, went forward until he became very great to the extent that he became an envy of a whole nation including their King.

  • He became owner of wells dug by himself and became more established.

  • You are here, all that you have is actually living off someone’s well. God will give you your own well.

  • To someone, you have been managing from one well. Very soon, God will promote you to owner of several wells.

  • To another person, Friends and families are envying you now. Never mind, where I’m taking you to is to be envied by nations.

  • God took Isaac to a place called Beersheba – beer (seven), sheva (wells). Seven prominent blessings are coming to you.

Three things that can stop the rise of someone’s glory:

  • Errors of any kind (sin, generational curse, ignorance, etc.), these can go away if one make amends.

  • Trials – this will go away after a period of time, if one passes.

  • Attacks – this equally will go away if one resist.

Are you passing through any of these? Nothing will stop your glory from rising in Jesus name.

In Exodus 1:8-14, the bible makes us to know that the glory of the Israelites took a downward turn. Your glory will not go down. Life will not become worse for you.


  1. Father, let your majesty and splendour be seen in my life.

  2. Father, let my importance be felt during my lifetime.

  3. Father, let your glory come upon me afresh.

  4. Father, put an end to anything that might be affecting my glory negatively.

  5. Father, promote me from my present state to limelight.

The sermon, You Will Grow From Glory To Glory, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye was delivered on January 31, 2016