In Luke 5: 1-11, Jesus was kind of overwhelmed by the multitudes of those that wanted to hear Him speak. He therefore asked Peter to move Him a bit off-shore to preach from his boat. After that sermon, and been relieved of the afore pressure, Jesus decided to bless those that came to His aid.

Jesus asked Peter to launch into the deep and let down his net for a massive draught. Peter felt it would be a wasted effort because they had just called off a possible 18 hours of intensive fishing, but that at the word of the Master, he will at least complied.

When Peter had obeyed, they then experienced an overwhelming harvest! They had to beckon to James and John for help, and still yet they could not cope with the enormous catch! Their boats began to sink under the weight of the fishes caught!

This month of September, God will bless us with overwhelming blessings: harvest of souls of mankind; variety of talents; spiritual empowerment and physical endowments that will cause us to reverence Him the more.

What God has promised us this month will not only be to our astonishment, it will also make all our ‘partners’ in the faith to be stunned! The ‘two boats’ we will use for the blessings will be overpowered by the capacity of the harvest that is coming.

For diligent members, God has promised to also grant them an overwhelming harvest and special breakthroughs.