The verb visit can be both positive and negative inclined. It might mean ‘to go and see and spend time with or in’; it may as well mean ‘to inflict harm on someone’.

Visitation also connotes two opposite meanings: it means ‘an official or formal visit’; and it may also mean ‘a disaster or difficulty seen as a Divine punishment’.

In Gen. 18: 17-33; 19: 1-29, God told Abraham that the evil report of the lands of Sodom and Gomorrah had reached His hearing and that it was time for Him to go and visit them. This was a Divine visitation, albeit it was a disastrous one; as the two cities including their inhabitants were totally consumed with fire and brimstone!

In Exodus 3: 1-12 however, God told Moses that the cry of the Israelites had come to His hearing because of the punishments inflicted on them by their ‘lords’, and that it was time to liberate them. This was equally a Divine visitation, and a glorious one at that!

This month of October, God has promised to pay us a glorious visitation in Everlasting Father’s Assembly. He will use this His visit to: stop all our cries; remove burdens; drown our oppressors; and progress us further to our ‘Promise Land’ in Jesus name.