October 2017 Theme – The Uncommon Inheritance

Inheritance can be defined as “the act of inheriting property; the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from parents to offspring; the acquisition of a possession, condition, or trait from past generations”. Uncommon on the other hand can be defined as “out of the ordinary; unusual; rare; extraordinary; unconventional; unfamiliar”; etc.

Inheritance is not a new concept. It has been in existence for many generations, it is very common. When people die, they bequeath their estates (houses, cars, investments, cash and other material possessions) to relatives, friends, helpers, charities and even pets. It’s nothing new or strange.

However, there are few people in life who are privilege to be recipient of ‘uncommon inheritance’. Such inheritance can range from a good name (Sons of Rechab); notable feats done by a family member (House of David); evidential favour of God (The Levites); generational covenant of God (Abraham descendants); etc.
In Gen. 12:1-4, God told Abraham that in him will all the nation of the earth be blessed. Since Abraham was not to live on earth forever, it means that blessing must pass through his genealogy. Interestingly Abraham had no child at this stage. In Gen. 22:15-18, God again reiterated this blessing on Abraham, by this time, he already had two sons – Ishmael and Isaac.

Later on, Abraham had another wife and concubines who bore him more sons. But before Abraham died, he called all his sons to himself and share his estates to them as gifts, but unto Isaac, he gave his all – the blessing of the covenant, i.e. uncommon inheritance (Gen. 25:1-6, 11). No wonder, Jesus – the blessing to all Nations of the world had to come through the linage of Isaac and not through any of the other sons.

In this month of October and beyond, God’s word to our Assembly is that we shall enjoy uncommon inheritance inherent in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Blessings pertaining to dominion, multiplication, fruitfulness, abundance, supremacy, overflowing joy, sound health, victory, etc shall be ours in Jesus name