RCCG EFA Leeds 2023 Prophecy – Our Year Of Divine Flourishing

RCCG EFA Leeds 2023 Prophecy – Our Year Of Divine Flourishing

Flourishing is defined as ‘developing rapidly and successfully; thriving; something marked by vigorous and healthy growth; to grow well or luxuriantly; to do or fare well; to prosper; to be in a period of highest productivity, excellence or influence’; etc. In a nutshell, flourishing means doing well in all instances.

The Bible gives us scenarios that can be termed flourishing; and examples of lives that flourished.
Those that are planted in the courts of God shall surely prosper and flourish like the palm trees (Psalm 92:12-14). Virtually, all parts of the palm tree is useful and desirable by man. None is wasted. So is the life of a flourishing man, every aspect will be desirable and useful. Such a man will live long and still be bearing fruit even when he is old. His life shall be fresh and green.

The passage also says that the righteous shall grow like the cedar of Lebanon. This means that the righteous will become large. He will last long and be evergreen. They will be beautiful, solid, durable, and incorruptible. Such that the vigorous growth, longevity, utility, fragrance, and beauty of both the palm and cedar trees are to translate to what the life of the righteous man will look like.

The Bible also depicts the life of a flourishing man as a tree that is planted by the streams of water. The Bible says such a life will yield fruits in his season. His ‘leaf’ will not wither, and whatever he does shall always prosper.
The Bible says that it is not only the life of the righteous that will flourish, but also his household will flourish too (Prov. 14:11).

Again, the Bible says that there is hope for a tree that is cut down. That even though its root has grown old in the soil and its stump had died; but when it smells water, it will sprout again, its shoot will not cease, it will bud again and put out branches like a young plant (Job 14:7-9).

As the year 2022 was coming to an end, God told me that the year 2023 will be a year of flourishing for us as individuals, as families, and as a church.
He promised that we will develop rapidly in the coming year and still be successful.
We will thrive in the new year and enjoy vigorous and healthy growth.
We will be luxuriant. We will do well and fare well.
God said 2023 will be our year of highest productivity, excellence, and influence yet.
God said we will become more desirable to our world and more useful in His hands.
We will be green and fresh throughout the year.
We will yield the required ‘fruits’ in our due seasons.
We will not wither, and whatever we do in the course of the year shall prosper.
We will be adorned with beauty and splendour throughout the year.
Our lives will ooze out appealing ‘fragrance’ to our environment.
Our lives will defy any negative trend in the world in 2023.
We will be blessed with longevity and nothing shall corrupt our growth.
The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall perform all these in our lives and in our midst in Jesus mighty name. Amen!