Sanctuary Department

Sanctuary Department

Have you ever wondered how our church is kept generally so bright and clean? We are dedicated men and women, devoted and committed to making sure that the house of God is clean and tidy to ensure his welcoming presence in our services. We know cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Mission Statement

Service to God and the church in Humility, Honour and Integrity


Cleanliness Is Next To God, Beautifying And Keeping The House Of God Worthy Of God’s People And His Welcoming Presence.

The Lord God has been very particular about his sanctuary from creation ( Gen 2:15). He has always been specific about who to be in his sanctuary and who not to be, how it should be kept and when the sanctuary can be accessible Ex 19:10 -11, Num 18:3 -5, Lev 22:2, Ezek 44:8. That is why special attention has to be placed in keeping the house of God. We have to maintain the splendour of the house of the Lord . This can only be achieved when members of the church, who have made themselves available to be used in beautifying the house of the Lord can show Integrity, Cleanliness and excellence to providing a platform in the beautification of the church. That is why we have the Sanctuary keepers Department.

Over the last ten years the team has seen growth from strength to strength both spiritually and physically. Last year was the most excellent of all as the Lord exceedingly added to our number with over 20 dedicated workers who are always available to serve in Love and humility. Since the team has grown, some of the team now comes early on Sunday morning to prepare the sanctuary ready for use and the second half of the team stays after service to tidy and get the sanctuary back to a presentable state.. The team now meet on Sundays for their departmental meeting due to the increased number where we share the word of God , pray and plan for the end of service schedule for the team and discuss any pressing issues. We thank God for what he is doing in our life as a team, we pray for greater heights IJN.

Members of this unique service department have the following responsibilities:

First of all not losing focus of the RCCG’s Vision to make heaven and take a lot of people with you for that matter attending all church activities and growing in the word of God and making ourselves available for church organised evangelism and our individual plan ones so as to win the soul. The word of God made us understand “he who win soul is wise ” ( Prov11:30 ) The department shall ensure that the church premises such as the compound, worship halCleaning Arrangement of the worship hall (at least twice in a weeCleaning of The Clea

ty or venue as directed by the church authority. Ensuring the church is open for events on time and close securely after activities

  1. To maintain a well organised and orderly use of the sanctuary before, during and after services.

  2. To ensure the Sanctuary is kept clean and conducive for all services and other activities

  3. To clean and leave presentable all facilities in the church such as the convenient facilities, meeting rooms and other associated properties as directed the church authorities.

  4. Maintain the safe and appropriate use of all church facilities and reporting damages to be repaired

  5. Members coordinating cleaning before, during and after church service

  6. Carrying out proper waste management and Liaising with car owners to manage waste disposal within the church premises

  7. Safe keeping of lost or forgotten items in the church

  8. Opening the church on time for all church events and ensuring the safe and secure closure of the church premises.

  9. Ensuring appropriate and adequate heating/cooling system is in place

  10. Maintain a warm, lovely and welcoming first impression environment our existing and visiting members to fellowship with God

Members of this department are the Divine Hands Of Righteousness. (James 1:21 )   Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.

You can become part of the team by speaking tor Pastor – Pst Sam Obafaiye.