October 2022 Theme: Jehovah Shalom – The Lord Our Peace

October 2022 Theme: Jehovah Shalom – The Lord Our Peace

Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. It is derived from the Hebrew root word Shalam, which translates as ‘make it good’, ‘make full restoration’, ‘to restore’, or ‘make something whole’ in an overall sense of fullness or completeness relating to mind, body and one’s estate.

Shalom, therefore, means an inward sense of completeness or wholeness; an inner completeness and tranquillity or a state of perfection. Such that the significance of the word Shalom is not limited to the absence of war in the political sense; or the absence of quarrel and strife in the social sense; but it also refers to completeness in other areas of human life. It is also an aspect of God’s attribute bestowed on man.

In the bible, Shalom is a blessing, a gift or a manifestation of Divine grace. It refers to the general state of affairs of an individual, a group of people or a nation. Which essentially is that of well-being, tranquillity, prosperity, security, safety, health, soundness, rest, etc.

While what the world term as peace can be subjective, depending on what one considers their life should be like, and so attained. The criteria for Shalom – true peace, rests with God. This true peace must begin with the realisation that there is a Creator, and that He has established a standard of peace for His children to enjoy. Seeking peace with Him then guarantees the resultant peace of Him.

In Judges6:1-10, the Bible tells us that the nation of Israel was under the oppression of the Midianites for seven years. The situation was tough! There was no food, no safety, no security, no prosperity, no peace! Whenever the Israelites planted crops, the host of Midian and Amalek would invade the land at harvest time, and render their field bare, such that Israel became greatly impoverished.

When the Israelites cried to God, God answered them and raise Gideon to deliver them from the wicked rule of the Midianites. Before embarking on this huge assignment, God revealed a personal name of Himself to Gideon that would be of help to him and the nation of Israel. That name was Jehovah Shalom (Judges6:11-24). With this revealed name, God demonstrated His intentions to grant them peace and freedom from their oppressors. God told Gideon that He is Jehovah Shalom – the Lord of peace, who preserves His own. Following that, God used Gideon and just 300 unarmed men to restore peace to Israel for the next forty years (Judges8:28).

In this tenth month of the year, God has impressed it upon my spirit that He is delighted to grant us exceptional peace within and without. He will grant us a sure state of well-being, a season of tranquillity, a time of safety and security, open doors of prosperity, good health and all-around soundness.

Our hearts shall be full of gladness, our bones shall be full of strength and our mouths shall be full of praises. May Jehovah Shalom effect all of these in every individual’s life, and in the whole of our Assembly in this season and beyond in Jesus’ mighty name.