October 2019 Theme: Pleasant Surprises

October 2019 Theme: Pleasant Surprises

Pleasant can be defined as “enjoyable; attractive; friendly; or easy to like. Other words for pleasant include: sweet, satisfying, refreshing, pleasurable, lovely, delightful, etc.

Surprise can be defined as “to cause to feel wonder; astonishment; or amazement as at something unanticipated; to encounter or discover suddenly or unexpectedly; to take or catch unawares. Other words for surprise include shock, miracle, awe, disappointment, disillusion, etc.

Surprises can be positive (pleasant) or negative (unpleasant). The bible tells us of the story of King Herod Antipas who locked up John the Baptist because John told him that it was unlawful for Antipas to have taken Herodias – the wife of his blood brother (Herod Phillip) as his own wife. At a banquet where King Antipas and all his guests were having fun; the bible says that Salome, the daughter of Herodias and her former husband – Herod Phillip danced to King Antipas delight and surprise; to the extent that King Antipas asked Salome to mention anything she wanted. The girl connived with her mother to get John out of the picture; and as such asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter! King Antipas became distressed immediately, as this was an unpleasant surprise to him. But he had to kill John because his promise must be fulfilled (Mt. 14:1-12).

Also, the bible recorded that because of the hatred that Haman had for Mordecai, Haman planned to exterminate all the Jews in all the provinces of Babylon. Having fasted and prayed for three days, Esther the Queen went to see the King Xerxes unrequested for; an act that could have earned her a death penalty; but her life was surprisingly spared! She then treated the king to two consecutive surprise banquets. At the end of the second banquet, the King repeated himself that Esther should ask for whatever she wanted, up to the half of his kingdom! At this juncture, Esther was able to obtain deliverance for the Jewish people; and also got revenge upon their enemies. It was sweet and pleasant surprises galore all the way! (Esther 3:1-6; 5:1-8; 7:1-10).

This month, God has impressed it upon my spirit that we are entering a season of pleasant surprises as a church; as individuals and families within the church. It is my prayer that these pleasant surprises will go round in Jesus name.