February 2023 Theme – Divine Multiplication

February 2023 Theme – Divine Multiplication

In Mathematics, multiplication can be defined as adding the same amount or a figure, a number of times. This is different from simply adding a figure to another.


While adding 3 and 3 together equals 6.

Adding 3 in three times however equals 9.

Multiplication can therefore be defined as the process of increasing in number by a large amount. The act of increasing or rising in large quantity. It can also be a process by which an organisation or an entity produces others of its kind.

The Bible makes us to know that when Jacob took his family to join Joseph in Egypt, they were just about seventy (70) in number (Gen. 46:26-27). But by the time God led them out of Egypt, just over 400 years after, they had increased to over two million (2,000,000) in number (Ex. 12:37).

The Bible further tells us that their oppressors were intimidated and afraid of their growth, such that they took desperate and cruel approach to curtail their growth to no avail (Ex. 1:6-16).

In Gen. 30:25-43, the Bible also make us to know that Laban planned to cheat Jacob big time on what should be Jacob’s wage for serving him for about twenty (20) years. They agreed particular kind of animals born by Laban’s livestock to become Jacob’s wage. But before the exercise would start, Laban took the kind of animals that could give birth to Jacob’s kind of inheritance to a far location. The chances that Jacob would get anything meaningful was very slim.

It however happened that by Divine orchestration the remaining livestock which were supposed to be giving birth to Laban’s kind of animals, especially the healthiest ones, began to give birth to Jacob’s kind that was agreed. Jacob therefore became wealthy in just a short time. Laban and his sons were angry, but they had made a covenant. They thought of killing him but God rescued him.

In this second month of this year, and even beyond, God has impressed it upon my spirit that He will consolidate and further increase the fruitfulness He has commenced with us early this year.

God will multiply us greatly. Good things that are now few will become many. Those that are now small will become big. We will start experiencing such increase that will be considered unbelievable and shocking. Powers that are trying to curtail our fruitfulness shall fail woefully. Powers that have cheated us or restricted our growth hitherto shall be humiliated and drowned. Our increase shall be unstoppable in Jesus mighty name.